RSP loan and Child Tax Benefit (CCB)

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RSP loan and Child Tax Benefit (CCB)

So, RSP loans are 1.49% at Tangerine. Heck, a HELOC is 2.35%. If you borrow and then put into RRSP to lower your taxable income, that's an additional 3.2% increase to your Canada Child Benefit (CCB), assuming you have only one child.

So borrow the money, pay 1.49% interest, put in RRSP, leave it in cash if you want to, then collect 3.2% return on CCB (higher if you have more than 1 kid). Free money?
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The CCB is a one off 3.2% whereas the 1.49% borrowing costs is perpetual until the loan is paid off. If the loan can be retired within the year so that a rinse and repeat strategy can be deployed, then there is a small gain. Are there any other loans outstanding with interest rate higher than 3.2%. If so, working off those loans would be better than chasing CCB.
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Yeah that works to pull your lowered income a year forward. Also look for that other RFD thread where people withdraw a large portion from their TFSA, deposit into RRSP, deposit tax refund and enlarged CCB payments into TFSA. Can do this periodically to suit your rrsp contribution room.