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Rural Canada Wireless

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Mar 30, 2007
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Rural Canada Wireless

Anyone using this service? I was told about it by a neighbor, and I have not seen any discussion on here about it.

It is apparently $200 to order the equipment & sim, then another $200/mo for unlimited data.

I am skeptical, but it has been working for him.

It appears to be an American operation that somehow uses unlimited AT&T sims to roam onto Rogers or Bell.

I won't be using this any time soon but thought I'd see if there was any RFDer's using this who wanted to share their experience.
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Aug 29, 2011
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Sounds a little sketchy...
Nov 27, 2014
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I recently signed up for it. I live in a rural area in Alberta. The service is fantastic! No limits, and I'm getting about 100 megabit down (only 3-5 megabit up though). There has been no other options where I live that is comparable for internet. The company charges $199/month, but that includes all taxes, so there is no GST/PST, etc, added on top.

The only thing is the traffic is routed via a US based IP address, so you get geo-locked on canadian websites. But you can get around that with a VPN.

You do get an AT&T sim card, and an AT&T device from the company to use the service. The speeds you get depend on your signal to the tower, and you can set it up to roam on Bell or Rogers, so whatever is better for you.

The company says they are buying the data on the wholesale market, but I suspect they may just be renting out grandfathered unlimited international roaming plans, that AT&T offered for a while.

I'm enjoying it for now but realize that at some point Rogers/Bell/AT&T may shut this down. I guess it depends if it is black-hat or white-hat..
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Jun 18, 2005
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starlink, when it comes online!
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Aug 31, 2018
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hi everyone, found this thread when searching RFD for some rural ontario internet providers. just wondering if anyone knows if there is a thread or a list somewhere of what options are avaialble for rural properties. what companies to research. im looking for ontario rural and so far have looked at standard wired and wireless options from bell, rogers, telus, those are the obvious to check. no wired options for my location and their wireless are just too expensive considering the usage caps and overages.

the seems like an option, at least it would be unlimited and hopefully decent speeds. another company ive looked at is execulink which doesnt offer service in my area. starlink or googles loon would be great but that may be more so in the future.
i looked at also but the max they offer is 25Mbps :/

any other companies people recommend to check out?

found and checked out also

seems like 25Mbps is the max for anything im finding available to rural, i highly doubt youll even get the 25 Mbps speed. besides 25 Mbps there is cellular which is crazy expensive
Jan 10, 2021
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Rural Canada Wireless is brutal, BUYER BEWARE! Their support is awful and the service isn't much better.

I was paying for my rural location for months, only to find out the service wasn't working when I arrived at the location to use the services. I finally got in touch with someone who acknowledged they turned my services off because there was limited activity, and yet they were still charging my account. I have been trying to get in touch with support for weeks since to appreciate what their remedy is and haven't been able to speak or chat with anyone.



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