[ON] Safety Certificate for restarting insurance on an older car?

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[ON] Safety Certificate for restarting insurance on an older car?

So I have a summer only vehicle that doesn't have insurance during the winter because the current company doesn't offer Fire & Theft only. So for the past 6 years (with the same broker and insurance company), they have removed it from the policy and then re-added it back in the summer.

I'm trying to do it this year, but now they are asking for an insurance certificate in order to insure the car. The car is a 2003 Mazda, so they are saying it's becase it is older than 15 years old (it's a rule in Ontario). I would've thought that it would only apply if you transfer ownership, but guess not.

They are saying that I will need to get a new safety certificate EVERY YEAR if I want to stop the insurance over the winter and start it again (can't put fire & theft since they don't offer it).

Guess it's time to shop around for a new company. But has anyone encountered something like this?
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Oct 1, 2015
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LOL wtf? Time to find a new insurance company.
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Safety certificates are governed by provincial laws, not insurance policies.
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Aug 18, 2013
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19 year old 5-series stored over the winter. I’ve never heard of this policy.

It must be specific to that company. Shop around.
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ES_Revenge wrote: Safety certificates are governed by provincial laws, not insurance policies.
As the insurer, they can and will go above provincial laws though. Unfortunate thing is you are left with two choices - follow their direction or find a new insurer.
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never heard of such "rule" however, if the vehicle is over 15 years, the insurance company can ask for a safety certificate and/or photos of all 4 sides of the vehicle prior to adding physical damage onto it. They won't be asking for this every renewal if you leave it on the policy. Best to suspend coverage rather than reduce to "comprehensive" coverage only.. saves the headache when you want to add it back onto the road. Some companies will not offer comp only coverage if its the only vehicle on the policy.
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Look for another ins company. I have the same model year, and never heard that.


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