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Safeway/Sobeys/IGA(west) Air Miles Blue Friday - February 28,2020 only

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  • Feb 28th, 2020 3:01 am
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Sep 9, 2017
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HelloDealy wrote: WTF??? This is beyond ridiculus!

Some of their flyer items now have an unknown price - the shown $ amount is preceeded by 'Starting At' in the smallest font size possible - how the heck are we supposed to plan our Blue Friday shopping?

Super shady IMO
Totally agree. Pretty lame flyer overall, but I was considering something at the listed price until I noticed the 'starting at' detail. Long story short I will be passing on Blue Friday this month.
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Jul 20, 2017
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saskwatcher wrote: I stand correct and corrected

Post and Alpen (who?) Family Size Cereals are also included in the deal.

To further correct your corrected posted:
General mills cereals in general (eg lucky charms, cinnamon toast crunch, etc) are not on sale. It's only general mills cheerios 526g to 778g boxes.
Where as all "Post" brands are on sale. (Alpen is just a sub brand of post)

The real hot deal is only cheerios though, because select specially marked boxes of them also include a cineplex movie ticket voucher.. 2 - boxes = ticket.

So net value =
Cost: $20 for 5 boxes
- $10-13 air miles (depending how you redeem)
- $12-13.50 movie tickets x 2.5 = up to $33.75
= $40 to $46.75 value
= Net positive gain: $20 to $26.75

(Fine print: You can't redeem half a movie ticket and they expire june 30. You can buy 10 boxes instead to get 5 tickets and double the air miles. Excluding taxes though note neither free redemption makes you pay taxes on top and I think most cereal is tax exempt though it's a grey area)


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