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Sail Outdoors: Stanley 15L cooler $63.99 (PM @ MEC's $85)

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Sail Outdoors: Stanley 15L cooler $63.99 (PM @ MEC's $85) ... 5-l-279128
If cold is what you're after, the 16QT Adventure Cooler is the answer. Boasting more than twice the foam insulation of a typical cooler, this one holds 21 cans of your favorite brew or soda and keeps ice frozen for a whopping 36 hours

More details

Leak resistant gasket locks in cold
Sturdy latches and hinges for added durability
2.5x the foam of typical cooler. Keeps cold 36% longer.
Adjustable tie down secures Stanley vacuum bottle/mug
Durable construction + flat top doubles as a seat

Capacity 15 L
Supplier colour code GREEN
Weight 6.64 lb
Sized just right for a day out being travelling on the TTC or sized right and almost flat top to strap down on a bicycle flatbed or trailer. Sail is a bits away but MEC is more in range of TTC access for many people in the GTA so price match there.

Would be interesting to see the look on the MEC CSR's face when the price difference from MEC is over $20 and they always thinking they have the lowest/best price.

Oh man that would be a nice cooler to have for a bicycle tour. Add ice every 1-1.5days when you are out and run into a fuel station/store and keep your food costs down buying from stores and field cooking.

Here is the MEC link to keep it all on one page when showing to the MEC staff.


Add this mod to your cooler (or any cooler) to make it last longer. You can do that in combination with hard foam sheets for more insulation. A tip is check out construction sites. You may be able to score some sheet insulation for free by asking for any of the small cut offs and then duct taping it to work for your cooler.

Also ask HVAC/plumbers for any of the old used Reflectix (AKA duct insulation) when someone is getting a new furnace. Take the old insulation and give it some wipes to clean it off then use that to insulate the cooler more. Yes you will lose some interior space but it will cut down the ice purchases for those that are travelling by 2 wheel or 4 wheel without stopping by hotels/motels to save money on your trip.


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