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Samsung Galaxy S9 or Apple iPhone 8 - $0 on Koodo Medium Tab + $150 GC @ Best Buy + Now Wow Mobile / Wal-Mart / RCSS

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  • Aug 25th, 2019 7:35 pm
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Sep 21, 2005
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I just checked my account. My current amount owing went down by $85. I will know which line I got the reduction in my next statement.

I am wondering why Koodo did not refund the sales tax as Koodo charged sales tax on your activation fees.
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Jul 4, 2018
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I guess it pays to cancel asap unlike me doing a HUP and being told by koodo csr that i was s.o.l and i should have never asked about the fee being waved. He also said whomever advised me that i may ask koodo to get it waved have provided bogus information. That dude koodo csr was on pms that day because all i did was asked nicely if it is possible to have it waved since i did a hup but he wasnt having it.

It baffles my mind that doing a HUP was charged a connection fee but the s9 deal was too good to pass up.

I congratulate every one that did the asap cancel and got your money back.
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Feb 1, 2015
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pistoche wrote:
Dec 29th, 2018 10:12 pm
From last year: https://forums.redflagdeals.com/walmart ... #p28475921
You claimed:

Many people did this same thing last year, and some even cancelled on the same day. There are those who even got multiple phones last year and were still able get phones this year. Secondly, I don't think a lowly employee would have access to the information you're claiming to have (not yet anyway, if it were indeed true). For you to have that sort of information, you'd have to be pretty high on the totem pole, and I frankly doubt you are from browsing through your post history. "But, at the same time, duplicate bans (accounts) will appear in credit check process and it’ll be harder to activate another account if you cancel." Just like last year, I think you're just trying to get people to not cancel, perhaps in a bid to keep customers with Koodo or in an effort to make sure Koodo doesn't put an end to these tab promotions. If this was such a dire issue, why would Koodo let it go on for this many years? The numbers do look good to shareholders, so that's probably the reason they're letting it slide. I reckon the benefits outweigh the losses. That said, I do think one day in the future Koodo will do away with these, but I doubt it'll be in February. All in all, dear friend, I think you're full of hot air.
This didn’t age well eh?


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