Santa Fe 2010 Coil replacements

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Jun 11, 2016
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Santa Fe 2010 Coil replacements

Santa Fe 2017 went into dealer in 2017 to verify the front coils for corrosion and replace if needed as per a Hyundai Service Letter.
The mechanic signed off stating both were fine and didn't need replacement.

Both coils now broke/snapped within 3 weeks this month and were subsequently replaced out of pocket.
Baring I parked the SUV in a salt water pool for 3 years I find it verify hard to accept both coils went from good to completed eroded within 3 years.

Any have experience w/ something similar? More precisely would anyone have any feedback on whether I have a valid case vs Hyundai?

I know a car manufacturer/dealer would never trade off the safety of their customers to save a few $$$ (#sarcasm) but am happy I was alone when the first one snapped on the highway.

Cheers, KH

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