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Save ON Energy - Home Assistance Program - Feedback needed

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  • Sep 26th, 2019 5:49 pm
Aug 11, 2019
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Save ON Energy - Home Assistance Program - Feedback needed

https://saveonenergy.ca/For-Your-Home/H ... ce-Program

Has anyone actually used this program? Was it quite smooth without any hassles, if you are eligible & qualified for it?

I am always skeptical about these government green/energy programs where they contract it out to some third party contractor.

I always feel that there is some kind of a catch and the contractor will do an audit and whatever work is done or appliances, bulbs etc are provided, I will have to pay partially or fully for it. Like they will try to up sell something or do stuff that is not really free or covered by the government or the program.

Does anyone have first hand experience about this and actually used it? TIA

I am helping a senior couple with this. Both of them are low income and GIS recipients.
I don't want them to pay from their pocket or the contractor ripping them off. They do qualify for this and are eligible.

Their house is 21 years old. Everything in the house appliances like fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, furnace, stove are also 21 years old. So maybe they qualify for some new appliances?? Don't think their appliances are energy certified or even if they are they are probably too old now.

They have not done any caulking or insulation (attic) since they bought their house brand new from the builder 21 years back or changed any outside doors or Windows.

They did replace the roof shingles about 5-6 years back. They do have LED bulbs inside the house.
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ianmunro wrote: Anyone used this? TIA
Most of the programs were cancelled by Ford but I can tell you how the older system worked with a front door blower test, then recommendations for you to fix, then a second front door blower test within 60-120 days. If you had receipts and showed improvement you got the rebate.

The blower test people don’t do any of the recommended work.
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Oct 3, 2011
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there is still an efficiency audit program in place, they will evaluate the same stuff as the previous programs have done with a door blower pressure test looking for air leakage. Some of the rebates are pretty good, others are not so good. You need to claim at least 2 items on the list to qualify for a rebate. I'm going through the process now to get a rebate on my attic insulation upgrade.