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[Save On Foods] $1.49 Christie Cookies, $3 Tropicana Juice, $5 Pies, $1.49 Hot Cross Buns (6), $1.49 Christie Crackers, $2 Tostitos

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Feb 4, 2019
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[Save On Foods] $1.49 Christie Cookies, $3 Tropicana Juice, $5 Pies, $1.49 Hot Cross Buns (6), $1.49 Christie Crackers, $2 Tostitos

It's time to check your Save-on-Foods account and LOAD your offers.


The following are a sample of the hot deals available until April 17:

Pay $1.49 on Country Harvest Bread, 570-675g, First 1.
Pay $2.99 for Tropicana Juice, 1.54-1.75 Litres, or Oasis 1.65-1.75 Litres, First 1.
Pay $1.99 for 12 Pack Dinner Rolls , First 1.
Pay $4.99 for 9-Inch Pies, 1-1.01 kg, First 1.
Pay $1.49 for 6 Pack Hot Cross Buns, First 1.
Pay $1.99 for Mott's Clamato 1.89 Litres, First 1.
Pay $1.49 for Ritz Crackers 174-180g or 200g, First 1.
Pay $1.89 for Old Dutch Potato Chips 255g, or Ridgies 220g, First 2.
Pay $1.99 for Tostitos Tortilla Chips, 275g or 295g, First 2.
Pay $1.49 for Christie Cookies Chips Ahoy, Oreo, and Fudgee-O ,170-303g, First 2. Excluding Peek Freans and Dad's Cookies.

For those who are FED UP with Save-on-Foods being cheap and imposing unreasonable limits on their Hot Deals, here is a workaround that will help you to get MORE THAN the limits.

Simply get yourself additional(s) PLASTIC card(s) and register them at a PUBLIC computer station (café, library, etc.) under a DIFFERENT name, address, phone number etc.

Load offers on these additional cards weekly.

Use these cards for the specials ONLY.

NEVER use them when making regular purchases to maintain your ANONYMITY and always pay in CASH.

This will ensure these extra cards don't get CANCELLED.

You can also use the Self-Serve checkouts to make separate purchases using different More Rewards cards so you don't have to make additional visits.

This system has worked for everyone in my group.
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May 10, 2008
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Thanks OP, I had no idea that Save-On had these special deals. Perhaps it's time for me to get a rewards card. :)
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Dec 26, 2014
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The app definitely has some good deals from week-to-week but I have caught some labeled as "Hot Deals" that were basically the same as (or more) than the regular price at Wal-mart.

The real annoying thing though is that it never seems to keep you signed in from session to session.

Also Jesus Christ the "advice" in the OP I didn't even read it the first time.
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Dec 20, 2007
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Their terms only allow one account per person. You’re committing fraud by representing yourself as multiple people.
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Oct 13, 2006
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^ I agree, and it likely means the "deals" get scrapped or get significantly worse. Basically some are probably loss leaders or just to get you in the door. The couple times I've taken advantage, I've only bought the deals because much of everything else was more expensive than at other grocers, so they probably don't want my business anyways. Seems like a lot of work to put in to make multiple fake accounts only to save a few cents/dollars and to have to go through the checkout/self-checkout a bunch of times.
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Jul 23, 2007
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Yup alk those great deals
The one I went to is river district vancouver
Chicken Drumstick big ones 0.99 lbs
Grape purple color smaller size 1.88 lbs