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Scam alert @ Abercrombie & Fitch: A&F Quarterly NOT really available today

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  • Jul 18th, 2010 9:38 pm
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Nov 28, 2005
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Cheap Cat wrote: Perhaps the OP meant to call it a "Bait and switch", the other most widely abused term around here. We need to develop a glossary to explain to people what a scam really is (and bait and switch). We could also include the definition of today in it because apparently he doesn't understand that either.

I'm so glad the OP took the time to do his public service and warn us of this terrible scam. Oh, the humanity! :cheesygri
It doesn't matter with your technicalities and attempts at self-righteous sarcasm anyway. 4 o'clock has come and gone and the mag has been bought.
Jul 16, 2010
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naulttm wrote: I had pre-ordered mine and picked it up today.

When I pre-ordered, it stated it had to be picked up by 4pm and after 4pm any remaining copies would be available to the general public.
How much is the Canadian price for the Quarterly? I believe the one in the states is $10. I'm curious to know how much they increased it for the Canadians.
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Sep 1, 2007
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OMGZ IM GOING HYSTERICAL abercrombie and fitch is scamming people for not having my catalogue! see how that looks like? :lol:
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Jan 5, 2009
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Toronto, ON
GeeCee wrote: But he was slightly inconvenienced! Call the police!
We should obviously let Toronto police know of the true scam here: the fact that the op used the word scam in the thread title to gain attention otherwise no one would even remotely consider reading this!

I want my 30 seconds back that I spent in this thread.
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Apr 8, 2010
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OP, I would petition the store for a midnight release next time :D
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Sep 27, 2004
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I read every post in this thread to try an figure out what a AnF quarterly is and just gave up :confused:
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Jun 28, 2009
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Quid Pro Quo wrote: It takes one to know one. Anyway, you do know there are pix of hot girls in it too, right?
You would pay for a catalog? If you want hot girls, get any other magazine specifically for that.
[QUOTE]Bucian66: I hate how condescending some users are towards others. I just wish they would be banned. Earlier: At least I've actually put effort in posting links to show the pricing. What have you done? No links to last years Black Friday sales? No links to Boxing Day sales? What a troll.[/QUOTE]
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Nov 21, 2007
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Hats off to the marketing department that can get people to pay to see their advertising! They can even get people to pre-order said advertising! They must be brilliant.
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Aug 11, 2004
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Its idiots like the OP that make it surprising that any retailer would sponsor this site. Not only does he call them out for a scam, he confirms he got his stupid magazine at 4:00 yet he fails to edit the original post and retract his statement.

On August 1st I have a site going live and to launch the site, and get the word on the street I was going to give away 250 free HDMI cables and iPhone chargers. I was going to release it primarily to RFD members, but when I see threads like this, it makes me cringe at the thought that if one defective cable gets delivered, or one shipment gets lost, I'll have people like the OP calling me a scam artist. People should think before they post.


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