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School expenses

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Apr 18, 2005
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School expenses

We're receiving a lot of receipts from school purchases, like class trips, fundraisers, etc. Are any of these school expenses tax deductible? I would guess that school trips are not the same as "child care" but I just wanted to make sure. Our oldest is in junior kindergarten so it's the first time I've ever accumulated so many school receipts that aren't the big daycare receipt at the end of the year.

Can I get rid of these day trip receipts or am I supposed to keep them for something?
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Most expenses will not be tax deductible, with a few exceptions. I remember that some donations for a silent auction we had at our school a few years ago were eligible if the parents asked for a tax receipt at the time they donated. Also, parents receive a tax receipt for their payment for our morning snack program (and also for any additional amount they donated over and above the fees to support the program and those who could not afford the fees). But general expenses like field trip costs, no.