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Seagate Skyhawk hard drives good?

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  • Mar 4th, 2018 6:54 am
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They also don't ship to Canada.

I see no reason it can't be used as a Data drive. That type is rated for 24/7 use anyways so IMO you should be fine.
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vivibaby wrote: ... OJ8Z8?th=1

My friend is selling this for 180 tax in. Is this a good deal? I’m just planning to use it as a data drive. Thanks.
The Skyhawk is a great drive for longevity and constant-use as that's what it's designed for--24/7-365 continuous writing. However it's really not ideal as a PC drive. The spindle RPM is lower than 5400 RPM I believe as Seagate doesn't even list it in any published spec sheet or marketing info and in the product manual it mentions "low-RPM spindle speed" as a feature of the drive! In other words these drives sacrifice RPM (and therefore performance) for their ability to be constantly running and constantly writing--speed sacrificed for endurance/longevity.

Therefore these are probably slower and worse performing as a PC drive than any other modern drives out there. It's possible they are spinning at something like 4800RPM or possibly even lower. Really not a good idea for use in a modern PC.

I'm wondering if your friend doesn't work for a company that installs/services video surveillance equipment or security systems? Because not many other people would be buying these drives.

I mean it's not necessarily going to be a bad drive, but it's just that it's not really suited for general PC use; also if speed is something you value it won't be up to that task.


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