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Chamberlain PD220 Garage Door Opener (chain, 1/2 HP) $99.99 YMMV

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  • Sep 18th, 2016 7:11 am
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May 8, 2007
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[Sears] Chamberlain PD220 Garage Door Opener (chain, 1/2 HP) $99.99 YMMV

This is an in-store clearance item so your local Sears may or may not have these (my store has 4). The PD220 is a basic garage door opener that seems to have been recently discontinued, that's probably why it's on clearance. Chain drive but not very noisy compared to old chain openers. Very similar to the HD220 that might be still in Home Depot and you might be able to check the sound on a display unit. I am using it on a 9 foot wide door but it has enough power for a standard wide door that is in good condition.

Sears still has the PD220 in their online store at $159.99.
http://www.sears.ca/product/chamberlain ... 7234-PD220

Gets very good reviews on Amazon:
https://www.amazon.com/Chamberlain-Grou ... ain++PD220

I just completed installation of a PD220 on my 2nd garage door that never had an opener, it required more work than a replacement job since I needed to install a ceiling mount angle bracket (not supplied, 12" is $4.75 at Lowes), door wall header 2x4, and door bracket. I had to buy some lag bolts etc for these items. The hardest part is getting the ceiling bracket securely bolted to the ceiling at exactly the right spot. All the recent openers require IR sensors (included) to be installed at the door bottom (a nuisance and not necessary IMO - let Darwin rule). Installation would be done a lot quicker if an old opener was being replaced.

Adjustment of the door position when fully opened and closed is done by digital settings controlled by push buttons. I found adjusting the closed position to be slightly imprecise. You want the door to be pushing down on the floor just the right amount, too much causes a lot of pressure on the rail. The old openers used multi-turn analog control dials that seem more precise and they were stable, I needed to do minor adjustments only 2 or 3 times in 26 years.

The rail is made from 5 hollow tube segments that push together, it works OK but has a bit of sag compared to the old one piece "T" beam rail.

Opener is quiet and the DC motor sounds high-tech compared to my other door that has a 26 year old Steel Craft 1/3 HP (also made by Chamberlain). PD220 uses a cable connected to a short chain that reduces the cost and noise, almost no noise comes from the chain. I don't think belt drive is much more quiet, a lot of the noise from my door is from the old steel rollers that I might replace with nylon.

Includes a wall push button and one single-button remote. HomeLink compatible so some cars can control it. Compatible with accessory Chamberlain keyless entry device and remotes. PD220 cannot use Chamberlain's add-on internet gateway device, which is OK with me since I don't want to use smartphone control.

Reason I got interested in a new opener was my old one was getting noisy and sometimes would not fully open or close the door. However I was able to fix it just by using some lithium spray from a can of 3-In-One Garage Door lubricant from Walmart. So I don't really need to replace my old Steel Craft opener, but the remote is almost shot so I might as well get another $99 Chamberlain. Also the remote code system is more secure on openers made after 1993.

If you need someone to install an opener the Canadian Tire store service desk has an information card that says they can do a basic installation for $99.

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Nov 22, 2012
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thanks for sharing and the heads-up. Will check it out at my local Sears stores
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Definitely a good price, but chain drive is old tech now. If you haven't tried a belt drive garage door opener, then you should give it a try if noise or vibrations are a concern at all (or a driveshaft opener!). They are significantly quieter. Although chain has come a long way, it's only a matter of time until it's no longer available at all.
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Mar 8, 2005
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Got the same opener from lowes. The thing works pretty well, except it only comes with one remote.

Any accessories cost arm and leg. Pay a little more and get a better bundle.


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