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Seeking advice/ GoodLife personal training 6 months/ $4200.00

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Mar 27, 2020
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Seeking advice/ GoodLife personal training 6 months/ $4200.00

I am new to fitness and joined GoodLife fitness with corporate discount of $700/year. I signed up for foundations package at $1130/ 6 weeks with a LEVEL 2 trainer.

Experience w/ my trainer (23 year old youth football coach): I would not say it was a stellar experience nor a bad experience with my trainer, it was somewhere in the middle. He is flexible, and patient. Almost all workout routines are very basic (RDL, Farmers walk, Squat, Bench Press, etc.). But the routine is repeated weekly. And, most of the time I had to mention or correct him on a particular workout routine we did last time for he did not record it on his iPad. Although each session is for an hour, we end up finishing in just 45 mins 95% of the time.

Now that the 6 weeks is coming to an end my trainer has proposed to sign up for 6 months (3 sessions/week) paid bi-weekly or in full at $4200. That's 78 sessions in total for $54.00/hr.

I'm seeking guidance from you guys if it is worth paying this much and signing up for this package ?

It not, what's your advice for someone who wishes to continue pursuing their fitness lifestyle without falling into customer/sales traps and break their bank.

Appreciate any guidance and tips.

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How was your experience working with the trainer? What's your comfort level towards doing the exercises and workouts that your trainer showed you, on your own?
Mar 27, 2020
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trane0 wrote: How was your experience working with the trainer? What's your comfort level towards doing the exercises and workouts that your trainer showed you, on your own?
Updated the post w/ experience with my trainer.
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Absolutely no way, it is insane that you would re-up for another $4200. You're just doing the same routine over & over, & with 45 mins instead of 1 hr. There is no value here. Now that you have some experience, you can look up some stuff online to changeup your routine, save the $4200. Honestly, if he's just doing the same basic routine over & over, this is like if he just showed you 1 time, & lets say you paid him very well for that 1 session, like $500 (overpay), you don't even need him for the other sessions after that
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Do you need personal training because you don’t know what to do?
Are you really poorly co-ordinated that you can’t learn form?
Do you need to pay someone to motivate you?

Those are the biggest values of a personal training.
However with diligence, you can learn this all from the internet.
Except the motivation part, thats all on you. If you want you could come to my gym and pay me. I’ll say stuff like
“Commoooooon you can do it! 1 more rep! Good job!”
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You don't need a trainer. It's a rip off.

YouTube is free. It's an infinite resource for all things fitness and its not hard to learn at all. Give yourself more credit.
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Haven't been to a Goodlife in years but for the most part the personal trainers I've witnessed first hand are more useful as a gym buddy and not at all useful for teaching you how to do the lifts.
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If you enjoy using a personal trainer, find one that can offer you a nutrition advice too. It is 50/50. Your trainer sucks by the sounds of it, I am surprised you even stuck around.
You should record your workouts. Sets, reps,etc as this is how you track your progress for strength. If it's for weight loss, it should be coupled with adding your weight decrease progression. If your trainer can't even do that and has to be reminded, it is a good sign that person is REALLY bad.
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