Selling an "as-is" car and transfer of ownership

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Selling an "as-is" car and transfer of ownership

Hey everyone,

I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than myself with buying/selling used cars can answer some questions for me. Long story short, my friend is trying to sell a car that's been sitting for 2 years that needs work done on it before it can become fit to drive. My understanding from research I've done so far, is that when they go to sell the car they require a UVIP which includes the wholesale cost of the car, meaning HST will have to be paid by the buyer on the wholesale value listed by the UVIP and not the value of the car minus the repairs. The car is unfit to drive, does this affect the value of the car in terms of paying HST? Apparently there's no point in getting an appraisal done either because ServiceOntario will charge by the wholesale value in the UVIP regardless of what the appraisal is valued.

Thanks in advance!