Selling lease back to dealer - Paperwork

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Selling lease back to dealer - Paperwork

Hi All,

I'm returning/selling my lease back to the dealership 2 months earlier and the dealer had offered an incentive. I know this is becoming more common with the shortage of cars but my question is around agreement and paperwork. Is there specific paperwork such as their intent to buyout the car and to disburse me the agreement amount for me to return?

When we negotiated and agreed, they had me sign a sheet of paper with the amount they're offering but seemed pretty simple. I want to ensure that I'm covered in terms of the dealer paying out the residual value + cutting me a cheque when I return the car and want to avoid any issues with the transaction.

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Aug 14, 2011
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The manufacturer owns the car and therefore until the dealer pays the manufacturer the lease buyout amount they can’t sell the car to anyone.

All the paperwork is between the dealer and the manufacturer.

You could ask for a bill of sale stating that the dealer is paying the lease buyout to manufacturer and the equity to you so you have a paper trail, but there is really no risk to you so a bill of sale isn’t really that necessary. All the onus is on the dealer to remove the lien properly so they can sell the car on.
Feb 4, 2017
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You should get a letter releasing you of any obligation for the lease.


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