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SHAW - Contract

When signing up for a Shaw internet contract for 2 years are they suppose to make you sign a contract?
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JimboD wrote: When signing up for a shaw internet contract for 2 years, are they suppose to make you sign a contract?
A contract can be agreed to over the phone, online.

The Internet Code, simplified

2. Retaining evidence
B. Contracts and related documents
1. Provision of contract
ii. A service provider must give the customer a permanent copy of the contract and related documents, in the format of the customer’s choosing (electronic or paper) and at no charge, in the following circumstances:
b. if the contract is not agreed to in person (i.e. if it is agreed to over the phone, online, or otherwise at a distance), the service provider must,
  1. where the customer chooses to receive a paper copy of the contract, send the contract and related documents to the customer within 15 calendar days of the customer agreeing to the contract; or
  2. where the customer chooses to receive the contract electronically, send the contract and related documents to the customer no later than one business day after the contract was entered into.
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What does the PDF say about ending service early? You may just be able to negotiate better terms by expressing to them what your frustrated with or sharing what better offers you have. From what I've heard Shaw's decent for accommodation consumers. I've heard of some shadier communications businesses trying to convince consumers they're bound by contract hen they aren't, like in one instance after many years someone switched their business Phone/Web service to Shaw who offered them a better deal and their old provider tried to charge them a bunch of fees for "exiting contract" and actually ripped the funds out of their bank account. No one had signed a renewal in years and figured it was kinda just month to month and it turns out they had sent the "renewal authorization" to an old address the business no longer used, so they told them to return the funds or they file a complaint with BBB and they completely backed off and refunded everything.
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Gone are the days when a handshake was a handshake, or a verbal agreement was as solid as the person who gave it.

Now I am no fan of business practises these days, but doesnt look to be any bait or switch just a straight forward proposition that was accepted. A big misrepresentation on the deal I can agree with as being a breach of their obligation for your consent, I dont see that here you dont look to be misled.

You took the deal seems fair enough pay the fee to break the contract or honour your commitment.

I dont agree with squirming out of your commitment as it speaks to character. Just not trustworthy to enter into any deal with.
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JimboD wrote: Delete thread please, got my answer
I wish people would stop doing this sort of crap. Just because YOU got YOUR answer doesn't mean the question (and answer) won't be of value to others in the future. People who search either using the forum search tool, or the Googles.

Each and every thread in this forum is searchable, and as a result can be used as tools in future quests for answers.

Editing a post you have created to obfuscate the original post is just being selfish.
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