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shed help

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Aug 20, 2007
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shed help

I want to build a really simple shed. It'll be at the side of my house. About 2x4 feet. Just to store seasonal items (shovels, rakes, etc.). Not a lot of direct weather (my house & neighbour's houses' roofs blocks most rain).
Would something like the one in the picture hold up in our Cdn winters? (I'd make it a bit taller and narrower, for my tools (not a bike). To keep costs down, I was thinking of using fence board. Maybe cedar, but that can get really expensive.

OR, do I need to build a "real" shed (with framed sides / OSB / cladding / etc)??

AND Is there a better place to buy wood other than HD or Lowes (in Toronto/ York Region area)?

Thnx :)
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Looks good
Sheds don’t require permits (as long as they are small footprint / sq ft)
So you can build it pretty much however you like
Look online ... you’ll find both ideas
As well as some websites with plans ... or DIY Kits

A couple of important factors to bear in mind regarding durability
1- Site prep. Think about the base / foundation / floor
2- Wood quality. Cedar is expensive. Pressure Treated not cheap either. But it will last a good long while.
3- Wood preservation. Consider treating the wood vs leaving bare. Think about protecting the roof from snow / moisture too (shingles ?)
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Nov 17, 2012
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That will hold up just fine. I enclosed an area between a short section of fence and my back entrance to store my recycling and garbage bins.

I used 2 sets of the gate corner brackets they sell at Lowes / Rona etc. Both the front and the top open up. The top lid is covered in roofing membrane and cedar shakes.

The whole thing is built from cedar. I intend on adding hydraulic struts to the lid to make opening it easier. I store the bins in there with the lids open so I can just open the top and toss garbage and recycling in the big bins. Sadly with the increased size of the green bin, it no longer fits in the shed.

I think I built it 8 years ago or more now. Solid as a rock. Since then the paint on the brick has been blasted off.


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