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Oct 13, 2007
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Shell EasyPay App

I've been using the Esso SpeedPass app and it works pretty well since it beats swiping loyalty, fuel discount and payment cards.

Recently, I got a TD offer for extra points on my credit card so decided to try the Shell app even though I never typically buy Shell gas. Downloaded the app and added a payment card. It all worked well but when I got to the gas station, it appeared to authorize and then declined the transaction. I couldn't get it to work so thought maybe there was a problem with the payment card so I deleted it and tried to re-add it. Nope. Tried other cards. No dice. Said to contact support.

I was out-of-town at the time sitting in my car and tried calling but just put on indefinite hold. Called the next day (yesterday) with a long hold time again. So the rep tells me that this is a common problem with first time users. He wasn't very helpful in explaining the problem and surprisingly was not able to fix the problem as I would expect. Says they will fix it and update me by e-mail. Couldn't give me a timeline but with the holiday today, he said probably on Monday.

Anybody else experience this? If the problem is so common, why can't he fix it on the spot? The whole point of an app is supposed to be for convenience.

Shell "EasyPay", really?

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