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Shipping from Lulus to Canada - customs, duties, DHL fee, lessons learned

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Aug 2, 2014
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Shipping from Lulus to Canada - customs, duties, DHL fee, lessons learned

Hi - just posting this thread if you're thinking about buy dresses from Lulus to ship to Canada...been a little frustrating and hoping this will help others...

If you order Made in USA items from Lulus and ship to Canada, you won't be charged customs (I can verify this is true for an order of $155 USD, at least)...

BUT you will be charged GST, and then DHL will charge you a $20 processing fee on top to collect that GST...
Also due to COVID and no-contact, apparently DHL will now refuse to collect the tax + fees upon delivery.

They won't mention the pending tax/fees anywhere - no email notification, no text message, nothing. They will (incorrectly) mark the package as not deliverable due to the receiver not being home (I know this is not really the case because I live in a building with concierge and they never miss packages)...and they will keep "trying to deliver" up to 3 times (again not sure if a DHL person actually came or if this is just an incorrect entry in their tracking system).

You won't find out about the pending fees until you call or use their chatbot - it's not mentioned anywhere in the tracking status page.

Fortunately once you pay the fees online (using a link that you can only find through the chatbot or by calling lol) they will redeliver the next day (as long as you haven't used up all 3 deliveries yet).

tldr if you order from Lulus online:

- expect to pay GST + $20 processing fee to DHL per order
- as soon as you get the tracking #, manually sign up for email notifications YOURSELF on DHL website - they will not send you any!
- as soon as they "attempt" the first delivery (which will fail and be marked as "receiver not home"), use the chatbot -> "track my package" to pay the tax + fees
- reschedule delivery for next day.

Hope this helps somebody :p
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Feb 7, 2017
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Nothing new here …
It’s not just DHL or Lulu’s
It’s how many international courier deliveries (no contact) are being conducted due to Covid

See you are pretty new to the RFD FORUMS
But there are many threads on these types of issues
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You can also save the $20 brokerage fee by self-clearing packages, and paying tax directly to CBSA. This requires paperwork and leaving the house to visit the CBSA office in person (which is probably near the airport), so you decide if that's worth it to save $20. how-save-14-95-dhl-fees-self-clearing-packages-2076527/


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