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[Shoppers Drug Mart] Beauty online 20x points + 35,000 points code

Sep 12, 2010
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smackioio wrote: Same here, both purchases were aprox 150$ including tax, got 130K pts one one and 110K on the other (first had Lancome over 125$). Got the 20x pts and Lancome 20K pts , waiting for 2 x 35K on each order (35K was on my bag screen before checkout and another 35K showed after payment :) )
Did you get all your points? 2 x 35K on each order?
Mar 15, 2019
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RaeRaeS wrote: I'm waiting as well. I was able to do multiple orders so I'm waiting for an additional $140 in points to apply. I submitted my request before the points posted so it was for $280 points but let's see what csr says. The pc points system seems to be glitch-y lately even on regular purchases. A loyalty program shouldn't involve me having to monitor and follow up on multiple offers that haven't applied.
Pc optimum rep asked for my receipt(s) and then closed the case saying I had to take it up with pc MasterCard. MasterCard rep said the optimum guys have to deal with this.

Ended up returning 3 of the orders but the shoppers cashier just told me to keep the beauty bags and samples. So I’ve got 4 beauty bags, a stupid amount of samples and my points used were “cashed out” onto a shoppers gift card. Not happy with this as points could’ve been used for a bonus redemption event but at least the returns were processed quickly and without any fuss.

Going to switch to using a different credit card until all my points/the shoppers card has been used up and reevaluate keeping the pc MasterCard.