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[Shoppers Drug Mart] La Roche Lipikar Xerand hand cream $10

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  • Feb 12th, 2021 10:26 am
Feb 25, 2007
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[Shoppers Drug Mart] La Roche Lipikar Xerand hand cream $10

Shoppers has 2x 50mL tubes of La Roche Lipikar Xerand hand cream for $10. This is effectively BOGO as it’s normally $10 for one. I went to two locations and they are generally at the front of cosmetics. Two tubes are attached to a cardboard carrier.

Not a deal for everyone since it’s expensive hand cream. I need it since Glysomed is so greasy. We just had a newborn and the amount of hand washing has been unreal. My hands were so cracked and itchy. This hand cream is by far the best I’ve ever used. Non greasy, absorbs quickly. Leaves my hand moisturized for a good amount of time. Word of warning, it seems heavily scented when you first put it on. It dissipates within a minute. I find the scent pleasant anyway.
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Feb 2, 2017
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SDM usually has a similar deal for the La Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains. It is fragrance free and is hands down (pun intended) one of the best hand creams I've ever used. I stocked up on boxing day as the two pack was $7.99. Even the regular price of $12 (for the two pack bogo) is great in my opinion. You need very little and the product keeps hands soft. As for the rest of La Roche Posay products, most are horribly over priced and horrible in general. For a company that promotes itself for sensitive skin, too many products have fragrance and the face creams burns my skin and breaks me out. The cheaper mainstream brands like Neutrogena and Simple work better for me. Most staff at SDM push the expensive products and whenever I ask about fragrance, they claim that stuff is fragrance free when you can see on the ingredients parfum is listed (not as a masking fragrance to make it unscented either). Then there is the whole fragrance free vs unscented issue...end of my rant on La Roche Posay.