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[Shoppers Drug Mart] Redemption Event May 10-11 50k=$100; 95k=$200

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Jun 22, 2013
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The flyer didn't mention much about model and CPU so I went to a Shoppers in Vancouver and found both Acer 349.99 and 399.99 Model are available behind the counter. I asked them to show me the barcode sticker on the side and here is the actual model:

349.99 => E1 510 2669 15.6 W8 ICQ N2920 4GB BLK
399.99 => E1 510 2827 15.6 W8 ICQ N2920 8GB BLK

Both of them have identical spec(quad core Celeron N2920) except 399.99 one has 4GB more RAM

I bought the 399.99 one today and redeemed 95K point ((399.99+1.20(Recycle Fee))*1.12-200=249.33). At the same time I stacked the 20x point coupon received in snail mail from shoppers and the staff says I will receive 20x point on the portion paid by credit card but not the bonus redemption part. So this effectively bring the price down for another $84.(199.99*10*20=39998 point, 39998/95000*200=84, assuming using those point in another bonus redemption event)

On the box it has a UPS sticker saying that the item are supplied by Synnex Canada (https://ec.synnex.ca/vendors/ACER.html)

PS: If you don't care about refund you can buy shopper gift card first and you will receive another 2500 points
Mar 27, 2012
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Do you know if the e1-510-2827 has a dvd drive and is it a touchscreen


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