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Royale Facial Tissues 88's-126's Almost FREE (must pay the tax) ONT/QC/East (after coupon, ymmv) Sept. 11-16

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  • Sep 15th, 2021 10:45 am
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Jul 22, 2019
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I tired at a store in Shoppers. The lady made up a weird reason. If I bought 6 boxes I could only use 5 coupons. If I bought 5 boxes I could only use 4 coupons. Etc. Anyways reason was because the coupon is $1 and tissue is $0.99 so it would be negative “profit”. Sure ok. I told her ask manager to put $0.99 as the coupon and she refused. Manager didn’t even want to come out. So looks like days of Royale coupon is over.
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Apr 10, 2011
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Kfox wrote: If you want to simplify things by using just 1 coupon and only pay a little more--- $1.36 for 6 or $.22/box there's this option: no-frills-royale-original-2-ply-facial- ... #p34986592

keep in mind of course that NF will likely be OOS by Saturday
$.22/box means using the $2 coupon from the Royale Web site that requires registration, email address, confirmation link and can only be printed once, unless you really cheat. You have to jump through many hoops to repeat, it's a pain in the... The boxes at No Frills are 100-count while the boxes at Shoppers are 126-count so 22 cents become 28 cents/box (26% more).

At Shoppers, the box come out at 13 cents/box after tax (Ontario). They go on sale at $0.99 every two weeks. Minus a $1 coupon that is easier to get, you just pay the taxes. Read post #1 and the Thread Summary

Half price! - This is RFD after all. - Just saying.
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Jun 21, 2021
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My aunt and I live in different city and since I had the tear pads coupons for $1.00 on any I mailed her an envelope with assorted coupons 6 was for the Royale . Yesterday she went and had no problem using all six at the SDM near her and this is an 86yr old senior. Guess depends where you live and the SDM