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SDM/PHARMAPRIX flyer Round up QUEBEC 20x points

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[Shoppers Drug Mart] SDM/PHARMAPRIX flyer Round up QUEBEC 20x points

PHARMAPRIX flyer Round up QUEBEC 20x points

Its 20x points week end again in Quebec from the 1st to the 2nd of August. Let’s decipher the flyer and see which items are worthwhile. As suggested by member Temporel, "Pharmaprix" has been added to avoid confusion.

Page 1:
Energizer MAX AA 20pack 11.79$ Same as two weeks ago, was 10.63$ for 16pack last week.
Pepsi/7up 710ml 6pack 2/5$ Same as two weeks ago, 2.79$ last week.
PC bottled water 24pack 1.99$ Same as last week.
Lipton soup or Noname evaporated milk .99$
Kraft Peanut butter 3.99$ Usually 3.77$ elsewhere on sale
Ruffles or Doritos 2/5$

Page 3:
Pepsi 355ml cans 12 pack 4.29$ SAME as 2 weeks ago and this was my reasoning : “The 24pack is on sale usually for 7.49$ lately. With 20x points, its cheaper AND you can mix and match. To be fair, its about 4.79$ at MAXI and 2/9$ at PROVIGO/LOBLAWS.”
Lay’s Chips 165g 1.99$ WALMART has the larger (235g) bags for 3/8$
PC cookies 1.99$
Vichy skin care up to 20% off

Page 5 :
Dove baby care 6.99$ Same as Walmart
Gerber baby cereal 2.99$

Page 7 :
Eggs dozen 1.99$
Tropicana OJ 2.99$

Page 12:
Biotherm spend 100$ get 25000pts This would be on top of the 20x points. In other words, spend 100$ and get 55000 points.
Calvin Klein perfume get 20000pts

Note : page number are from the digital flyer and not the paper flyer.
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