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[Shoppers Drug Mart] Tuesday July 30 - Family & Friends Event - 20% off almost all regular price merchandise

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Oct 30, 2006
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embguy wrote: The points on my SDM receipt is not correct. I want to check the calculation before filing missing points request.
I spent $8.45 today and paid with PC WE MC.
$3.64 milk with 20x offer.
I received 660 pts
Regular 90
Digital Bonus points 570
Total 660 pts
My calculation
Is SDM still giving 15 points per $1 spent?
Is yes, the Regular point line should be 15 pts/$ x $8 = 120 pts
Milk 20x offer = $3 x 15 pts/$ x 19 = 855 (1x in the regular point calculation)
I should get 975 pts instead of 660 pts
Is my calculation correct?
Thank you in advance for verifying my calculation
Any tax?
TripleQ wrote:I read Click magazine for the articles!
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Sep 21, 2005
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Lone_Prodigy wrote: Any tax?
No tax for food items milk and eggs.
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