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Shopping for the Best Pay As you go Plan ...

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Aug 18, 2013
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Shopping for the Best Pay As you go Plan ...

Just want some help regarding where to get the Best Pay As you Go plan out there..
As of now i know there another thread regarding the Speak Out 7-11 (micro sim) for top up 100 dollars for 400 mins (but i don't really want to cut the sim card to fit into her iPhone 5)
or i am looking at the Rogers 100 dollars one with 100 mins a year with unlimited text. (my mom used to have the one with 85 dollars one from last year and it expired soon. Also since she doesn't really talk on the phone that much, just mostly texting) Since she has the Rogers Nano sim already.

Any other plans out there that i don't know ... feel free to let me know >< ! Thank you in Advanced
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you can buy 7-11 SpeakOut MicroSIM directly now I think

and minimum top-up is "only" $25 instead of $100 (Rogers) for full 365 days expiry <-- biggest benefit against other carriers, especially if you don't talk much in a year
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The answer to "best" is totally based on your usage which you don't specify.

"Cheapest" is no plan at all (911 service is free)

Next cheapest for a year's coverage is Speakout as mentioned above ($10 SIM and $25 for the year)

Next cheapest options also include Speakout (free SIM and $100 for the year) but also includes Rogers $100/year options but they are much more confined in what usage you are able to use. Speakout often also has deals to get $125 credit when you buy $100

Then you get into several $15/mo options. PC, PetroCan, Koodo

For low usage, I usually suggest Speakout. If usage grows so that you're spending $200 a year, start looking at alternatives.


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