Should I email to ask when they are making their decision??

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Nov 28, 2011
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Should I email to ask when they are making their decision??

The situation:

Interviewed for a job with the government 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Was told that my answers in the interview were worth 60% of the evaluation, and my references were worth 40%. They contacted my references the next week- so two weeks ago.

Am I being overly optimistic in thinking I should/would have a response this soon? Are unsuccessful candidates (for gov't jobs) usually contacted (even if its a generic email) ? Should I give it a little more time, or send an email inquiring as to when they will be making their decision?

I don't actually have the emails of the people who interviewed me, just the HR lady that was setting up the process.

[Just as a side note- I'm overly anxious about this as I'm currently unemployed (finishing my master's), have sent out 60+ resumes/applications for jobs, and this is the only call back/interview I've received- aka the typical story of everyone else on here]
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Get in contact with them to check on the status and see if they have any outstanding questions or concerns. Re-iterate that you are still keen on the position.
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Feb 5, 2010
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I would just continue your job search. Make one contact at most. Don't be too caught up on the potential opportunity until you get an 'offer in hand'. I would just pretend this is 'pending' and move-on.

I also hope you are not just applying within GTA comfort zones (downtown Toronto) just because its TTC accessible etc.

Apply outside the GTA (Waterloo etc.) to expand your options.
Jan 14, 2008
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Unsuccessful candidates are always contacted (standard government HR process). Don't lose hope; they took two months to confirm that I was the successful candidate. Probably just a bunch of HR hoops they need to jump through to officially conclude this search. Also keep in mind that these people are usually busy and are required to contact all the references of their top three candidates, which may take some time, depending on their availability.

Also, if you want to contact the people who interviewed you, search for them on Info-Go. Hopefully you were pro-active enough to have noted their names during the interview.

Good luck!