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Should I go with cedar wood chips, or fir mulch for ex flower gardens?

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  • May 17th, 2020 5:36 am
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Oct 22, 2016
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Should I go with cedar wood chips, or fir mulch for ex flower gardens?

I have had to many weeds. in some flower gardens. So I have dug it all up, expect for a couple plants. I do not want to be bothered with it in the future, so should I put down cedar wood chips, or a fir course mulch?

Fair number of these flower gardens, so I will need a couple yards of material, in case price issue comes up.

Photos included of options, of materials.
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Mar 31, 2020
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I think the flower beds must include some sort of weed barrier fabric underneath to resolve this issue..
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Mar 22, 2017
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Cedar mulch. Lasts longer. Put it on thick, three inches. Will block most weeds. Don't need a weed barrier in my opinion. Will have to top it up every three years.
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Feb 26, 2019
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No weed barrier needed. Best mulch for soil and plant health is mixed wood chips (e.g. arborist chips). However lots of people don’t like the “natural look”. For a more
Manicured look, consider composted pine mulch. It is available at any good plant nursery. It is dark in color and has a tidier look than arborists chips, and is better for plants than the crap in bags from hardware store that is full of dye.

Here is a good read from a reputable source (ie: a scientist, not some advice from a web content mill) on the topic of mulch.

https://s3.wp.wsu.edu/uploads/sites/403 ... -mulch.pdf
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Oct 12, 2007
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Agree with others. Thick layer of wood mulch is all that is required. Yes, some weeds will grow but not many. I prefer the natural look of composted pine mulch to other types. And, yes, topping up every 2-3 years is required.
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Jan 16, 2004
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Anyone know of a place to order a bulk quantity of mulch? Have a larger flower bed that needs to be fully covered up. It would probably take 60 bags if i were to get it at Home Depot or Canadian tire.
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May 15, 2020
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Try lessmess.ca
But there are other landscape suppliers, just run a search on bulk mulch.
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Feb 10, 2011
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I use cedar and feel the little extra money for it pays off, looks good and smells great.. may even help with bugs etc.
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