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sialoendoscopy treatment for non resident uninsured patients in Canada?

Dec 2, 2014
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sialoendoscopy treatment for non resident uninsured patients in Canada?

So my relative who is not a Canadian resident is having some health issues. They have some stones in their salivary glands.

Unfortunately the ideal treatment, sialoendoscopy, does not exist in their country of residence.

I managed to do some research and found a few places in the GTA do offer it. There could also be offered at hospitals but I dont know yet/

I suggested they can just get the treatment from here. They will obviously be paying out of pocket.

The issue is I am having little to no luck in trying to contact a doctor. I tried contacting the clinic that offers the treatment and they simply told me that the doctor does not treat any uninsured patients.
I found another doctor and they said that you absolutely must need a referral first.
I am trying to contact my family doctor to learn more about the process. So far no one from his clinic has called me back or responded to my e-mails.
I called telehealth and asked them if they can give me a list of hospitals that offer the treatment and the nurse just said its not her area of expertise and to get in touch with my family doctor.
How do I go about this procedure?

I am ideally hoping that my relative is able to e-mail their CT scan to the doctor and then they can advise whether they'd be a good candidate for sialoendoscopy or not.
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Dec 12, 2005
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You can try a walk in clinic and get a referral from them to a specialist.


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