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Side overhang of deck stairs on stringer

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Jan 8, 2019
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Side overhang of deck stairs on stringer

Hi all, I saw another deck stair thread posted here regarding overhang but it was only for the front overhang... Hope this is the right place to post, if not please let me know.

I purchased two of the pre-made steel stringer kits from home Depot to redo my deck stairs. The steel stringers need to be placed a maximum of 48" apart, but the gap I'm putting the stairs in is 52-3/4" wide. As such, there will be some overhang of the stairs on the side unless I purchased a third stringer to put in the middle which I wouldn't mind doing if I have to, but would rather just use two if I can.

At a maximum spacing of the stringers, this would give me 2-3/8" of stair overhang off the side of the stringers. I can't seem to find what the allowable amount, or even at least the recommended amount, of side overhang is anywhere, so I was wondering if someone who knew more could comment. Ideally I'd like to move the stringers closer together if possible to reduce the gap in the middle, but I wouldn't want to overdo the overhang on the sides (I.e. if I only spaced the stringers 3' apart I'd have roughly 8-3/8" side overhang for each step, not accounting for the thickness of the stringer itself).

Is there a max, either by code or recommendation, of how much a stair can hang off the side of a stringer?

Thanks all.
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Mar 10, 2004
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It s not the overhang you should be concerned about. 2 inches is nothing. However that 48 inch span is quite long and though allowed under specific conditions is not comfortable. Assuming 5/4 inch treads you ll see massive deflection. Personally i d just add an additional 2 stringers. And as a bonus you won t have to worry about overhang.
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May 10, 2011
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You wont find it in the building code because there is no safety issue unlike the front overhang.

But like tempperm said 4' is a long span. Do it right and do it once, buy that extra stringer and be done with it.


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