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<Sigh> I've (temporally) forgotten my Google password

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  • Aug 25th, 2021 4:36 pm
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<Sigh> I've (temporally) forgotten my Google password

What's the current state of recovering a password with Google? Is it more advanced than just filling out a form? Is there some smarts to it? Yes, I can google this, but I'm sure the process has been tweaked since some article from 2019.

It's been so long since I've entered my Google password (haven't had a new device in years) that this password that was so automatic and seeming unforgettable has become forgotten. Yes, I wrote it down somewhere, but because it was so important, it was the only one I wrote down in an obfuscated way. So it's not copy and pasteable directly like every other password. It's been problem free for over 15 years, but here we are. I can get REALLY close, but obviously not close enough and with hashed passwords that's likely meaningless anyways.

I still have access to Gmail. I have like 3 computers and 2 phones with access, but after 3 failed attempts I'm scared to keep trying to get to the actual Google Account management screen in case there's a complete lock out. I was hoping I would at least be able to see if my phone number was a recovery method, but it won't let me in that far.

I could ride out with Gmail access only for a long time I'm sure, but the longer this goes on the more likely the password is going to fade even more.

I'm with Apple right now, but I did have an Android device for a while, so it's likely my current cell is associated with the Google Account in some way even if I didn't set it up directly as a recovery option.

-Looking for any insight from anyone who's been through this process in 2021.
-Wondering if the cookies gmail is using for auth right now might help prove my identity with Google, maybe this is something I should get on top of, rather than ignore
-Also wondering if a locked account will void the cookies I currently use for gmail access. Am I free to keep trying? There are only 10 or so possible combinations I imagine, it should be quickly guessable if allowed to.
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Look at your saved Gmail password in your web browser.
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did you have a recovery email associated with that account?