SIM cards for Australia/New Zealand

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Oct 23, 2006
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SIM cards for Australia/New Zealand

My wife is going to Australia for about a month and a half and then going to New Zealand for about a month and is looking into getting a SIM card in each country to stay connected.

In New Zealand I found that Spark has travel plans per se, and I think that at least one of them will fit her needs.

In Australia, I was looking at Optus as I read that they had the best coverage. I cant seem to find plan directed at travelers. I see their pre-paid plans, and will likely recommend that she get one of those.

Just wondering if anyone has experience/recommendations with/for SIM cards in either of those countries.

Thanks in advance!
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Jan 8, 2012
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I was in Australia last month.

I purchased a Telstra sim card at the airport in Sydney.

They had a special on, I think it was 20 GB for $30 AUS good for 30 days. No idea if they're still offering the deal--I can't find it online, but it wasn't online prior to my trip either so who knows?

I had good coverage in Sydney, Melbourne and at Ayers Rock. And from what I'd read, Telstra has the best coverage in the country.

I didn't use it to call back to Canada; I can't recall if it offered international minutes or not. I did have the ability to make calls in Aus.

One note: if she does purchase it at the airport, make sure it is working before leaving the booth. They installed the card and told me it should start working in ten minutes or so. I waited, of course, and when it wasn't working went back to let them get it working.

Can't help with NZ.
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Jun 4, 2007
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We were in NZ in March and we bought a couple of Vodafone SIM cards at the airport in Christchurch. I don't recall the exact pricing but at the time I thought it was decent. I believe the packages included some minutes to Canada as well.
Feb 29, 2008
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Ive used both Optus and Lebara.
Got Lebara last time and later realised they are 4G only but cheap. I think I got 60GB for $25. it was fast enough
Optus is pretty good too and got double your data promo so paid $40 for 50 GB data
If the Mrs is staying in the cities, I dont think it matters but if she is going to be exploring, then even with some of the best, you may not have service in the remote areas.

Best deal though is:
from March 2018 :