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Sirius XM - 5 months for $20

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  • Nov 19th, 2020 7:10 pm
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Sep 26, 2008
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Jenny1975 wrote: Dang it, called today to cancel my plan, which is ending next week. Had paid around $77 all-in for the year and it was going up to around $272 for the year. The rep offered me $88 + tax for a year. I then asked about the website promo ($5 a month for 12 months + Free Echo Dot + Free upgrade to All Access plan), but was denied so went ahead with the cancellation. Bummer. :(
My plan expired today. A moment ago I simply signed up online to the XM Select + Amazon Echo Dot plan using my existing account, which had been deactivated. Puzzling that when I called to cancel the rep wouldn't consider giving it to me. It worked out anyway, so whatevs... :)
Nov 11, 2006
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Vancouver, BC
I hope they are still giving away echo dots when I renewed again at the end of the year. And hopefully it will be the new 4th gen echo dot Smiling Face With Open Mouth
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Nov 11, 2004
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I'm new to sirius I received 3 months free trial with my vehicle

I asked if the $5 a month for 12 months promotion with free echo dot is still available.

Not a problem took all of 5 minutes

They added the 12 months onto my 3 months trial. Offer expires jan 5th 2022. I need to cancel or contact them again before then or it's 16.99 a month

Great service they offer
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Oct 12, 2007
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Calling them is such a hassle but xm is a good product - definitely "worth" $5/month - especially if you get it for 12 months. I got mailed a promo code SAVE499FOR6 but it's for $5/mo for 6 months. I won't bite on that because having to call them in 6 months is a nuisance.

I used to subscribe years ago and I surfed the promos of $5/mo and would call to cancel etc etc. At one point, they stopped playing the game and held firm on their regular price so I cancelled. That was many years ago. They're entitled to price their product anyway they want but $17/mo just didn't represent value for me.
Dec 16, 2010
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Called them for my annual renewal fight. They offered $170ish for All Access or $88 for Select. Told them no and they said it was impossible to do any better. Mentioned that they routinely offer $5/mo on their website and they need to do $60 for one year of Select. They said no several times and I said I would cancel. She put me on hold for a minute then came back with the $60 + fees and taxes price applied. $70 something in total for the year.
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Aug 24, 2009
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Their call centre is terrible now. Used to be Phillipines folk first line then on shore for retentions but now it’s all offshore and really hard to hear them clearly. Spent 75 min on the phone last weekend just to cancel. They pitched many retention offers but I just don’t have a car or need for the streaming currently.
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Apr 20, 2009
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jarfgames wrote: Have 2 cars with SiriusXM Select which were both due for renewal... Was paying $60 per car last year for 12 months and said I wanted the same deal... Went back and forth, at first they were willing to give me the Echo deal on one car, but a higher price on the other vehicle. Finally I said if they couldn't do the $60/car like last year (don't care about the Echo - I have a bunch already), we should just cancel... Started putting the cancellation through and then like magic, the agent said they could do $120 total for both cars (plus fees and taxes) for another year, so the same $60/car as last year. Gotta love the annual song and dance with SiriusXM!
My 32 minute odyssey was around the same. I also have 2 radios (car & home). First guy offered me $230 all in. When i laughed he immediately transferred me to "loyalty" dept. Girl came on and started giving me 6 month deals to which i said I wasn't interested. I then said that to save time I told her I wanted 1 year and pay no more than $120 for both. I was put on hold (I started humming the Jeopardy jingle). She came back and said although it was an "expired" offer she got it at the price of $60/year (including streaming). Total with tax and fees were $158.14.

Thanks to those on this site that set the benchmark and good luck for those renewing...... see you in a year!
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Mar 23, 2003
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I was due to renew one radio and another in 2 months...

So I canceled one as I don't need it with 10months into the 12 month term with a free Echo dot.
Guy tried to tell me I will be billed $70 for the echo for cancelling early.
I remember specifically reading that after 6 months, if you cancel there's no echo dot fee.
So I mentioned I read that in the fine print and he said ok he will "wave" the cancellation fee.
Lol, WAVE? it was a fine print detail and you just tried to charge me for???

2nd radio is due to end tomorrow, so I straight up said I read there's a $60 12month deal, I'd like to renew under those terms.
He said he needs the promo code.
I straight up, but politely said, I don't have time to google for a promo code I saw awhile ago while at work, I'm sorry can you please look it up for me?
He said calls are recorded so he needs me to provide it.

I said ok, thanks anyway, cancel the 2nd radio too.
And he did.

Honestly, they want me to play hoops to get this, and I shouldn't.
I can happily do without sirius in my car and stream my spotify rather than indulge this game.
Oct 4, 2013
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Port Hope
I just got off the phone and said I have 2 vehicles and my son has one all currently with siriusxm. I asked if she could put all 3 on the $60 all access for 12 months with an echo Dot for each. She said absolutely and rebated 2 months on one vehicle, 3 weeks on my other and my son's was due to expire Nov 1st. She asked me to stay on the line and wanted to make sure I received the 3 separate emails with the codes to claim the 3 Dots from Amazon. It took less the 5 mins I I received them.
It was an easy, painfree interaction with her.
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Sep 9, 2006
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Comox Valley , BC
I just called to cancel/renew. We did the song and dance and then I mentioned I had the email for subbing to the Select package for a year and getting an amazon echo dot.
She asked for the code - I found it listed on the second webpage - AMAZONDOT5M.
Signed up again for $76 total...
Aug 13, 2014
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Calgary, AB
the problem with Sirius XM is that once you are in with them they can be very difficult to get rid off and often things go awkward before they actually leave you
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Jan 11, 2002
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markoyl wrote: the problem with Sirius XM is that once you are in with them they can be very difficult to get rid off and often things go awkward before they actually leave you
Can you be more specific?
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Aug 29, 2001
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Newbury, ON
My renewal is the end of December, I was planning to just cancel as I really don't drive anymore. They sent me a $88/year deal (plus royal+taxes+etc) via email for select.

This is unusual as usually they ding me the full $241/year fee and I have to call up and cancel and play the retention game.
I'm not sure at this point if I will go for it - 2021 may be a corona repeat of 2020.
Dec 12, 2007
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Calling tomorrow . I will ask about amazon echo dot . If I get it great , if not $60 offer is just fine .
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Jun 6, 2005
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FYI I just got off the phone with them as my prior $60+fees Select subscription ended today. I tried to cancel last night but called a few mins after 8pm only to find their call centre closes now at 8pm Eastern (says 11pm on the website).

At any rate, long time subscriber with them since 2008, renewed every year. They jumped right into offering me the $60+fees promotion again (no song and dance), and when I declined he put me on hold for what I thought he was doing was actually cancelling but he came back with a $60 offer all fees in (so flat $60) charged for Select. I still declined though as I'm now work-from-home with no going back to the office in sight for the near future. I will likely subscribe again when I'm using the car but right now I only take it out every few weeks to keep the battery charged. I have a Select package in my other vehicle that we use as our main vehicle now that has streaming so I can just stream if I want to use it in my car when I'm charging the battery.

FYI to others though that perhaps you can get the $60 all fees and taxes in perhaps if you ask. This is the lowest price I've ever seen for a 1 year term. Good luck.