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Buy 1 High Priest burger and get one free offer through the SkipTheDishes app - $12.99

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  • Mar 21st, 2021 7:21 pm
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Jan 21, 2008
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BP is way better than Harveys or any of the huge mass burger chains operating in the GTA. They were the first really really good burger in Toronto (I don't count $30-$40 burgers as at that price, its unfair to compare). As they expanded, quality has declined, especially after being bought out by Recipe (this company is known for having many of the bad food chains). Having said that, they are still better than Harveys, McDonald's, etc. The portion of fries they give, which I believe costs $4.5, is way way more than McDonald's, Harveys, so keep that in mind. I'd say their fries is probably double the large fries at either of those 2 places. A high priest is equivalent to a double quarter pounder with cheese BTW, so $13 for 2 double quarter pounders with cheese is a good price, especially as it tastes better
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Jun 4, 2004
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LOL at the downvoters and naysayers. Since when is BOGO not a hot deal? This is redflagdeals, not redflagvalues. Yes, it's more expensive than McDonald's, but for someone who is going to eat there anyways, this is great. If you can't afford a Ferrari and they suddenly have a sale for half price, that doesn't mean it's not a good deal no matter how much you think they're not worth it.
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Jun 4, 2004
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Heineken12 wrote: bruh fries are just potatoes in case you didn't know a batch of fries costs like 30 cents and carbonated drink is just sugar tap water that costs them nothing... so when they charge like extra 5 dollars to make it combo just know that going forward.
bruh pasta is just flour and eggs. Do you make your own?
Nov 3, 2008
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Ducky wrote: for the 2nd priest, put it in the notes for whatever you want different from 1st priest
Thanks for clarifying - ordered for pickup. it was ready in 15 minutes, and they customized each burger as requested.
Taste reminded me of how Big Macs used to be. I don't have Big Macs often - had one last time when they had a marketing campaign about their new brioche bun and was not impressed.
I've always enjoyed Burgers Priest, but haven't tried High Priest before. BOGO was a great reason to give it a try!
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May 31, 2015
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Ewww, Edmonton location is mice infested. Last time I ate there, the tables weren't cleared and fat MIckey did a lap around the store before hiding back in the kitchen, staff did not bat an eye.
Feb 5, 2015
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yoshanaku wrote: Ewww, Edmonton location is mice infested. Last time I ate there... [a] fat MIckey did a lap around the store before hiding back in the kitchen, staff did not bat an eye.
Chances this happened: 0%
Jul 5, 2018
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Heineken12 wrote: those burger prices are getting ridiculous... They were made to be alternative to real nutritious food but 15 dollars with tax FOR A HAMBURGER?........ And those patties and burgers are TINY.
The patties and burgers are tiny? So that means you could easily finish 2 burgers. Maybe even 4 since when someone says tiny it should be simple. I'll take you at your word since no one lies on the internet. I wonder what the nutrition is...

Oh what's that? 1320 calories a burger?
So tiny is 2640 or 5280 calories in a single meal? Maybe instead of running your mouth on rfd you should be running on a treadmill to burn off all those "tiny calories" you're talking about.
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Jun 25, 2005
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50% is a good price for these, wouldn’t get it at regular price.
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Mar 29, 2010
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Check your accounts for any credits or other promos. When I opened my Skip app, I noticed I had one of those "token of appreciation offers" that I can use.

The offer turned out to be $7 off any order. No issues applying it to the B1G1 High Priest burger deal. Ended up paying $7.68 after tax and earned 3,060 points ( for pickup).
Nov 5, 2008
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I totally get the glorified Big Mac comments now.
Just got this deal from York Mill location. The patties looked tiny and tasted dry without any juice.

On the other hand, the patties from Etobicoke location were big and juicy.
They don't always taste amazing but at least they don't taste dry.

So YMMV about these burgers. Chicken burger was great though.
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Dec 29, 2018
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The Etobicoke location is consistent. We have it like once a month and it's always on point.

Now the one in Port Credit is a different story. Their SkipTheDishes scores reflects it as well 8.0 vs 9.2
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Mar 23, 2019
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Any idea if this would work if I pre ordered this for tomorrow?


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