Small question about stereo install

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Small question about stereo install

Hello, noob here about cars and I have a small question. What do you do when your stereo has one ILL wire (illumination) and your car has two ILL+ ILL- wires ? Thanks. Is it even necessary to use the ILL wire ? There is the battery wire, the accessory wire etc...
Car: hyundai santa fe 2008, stereo: any


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Usually aftermarket stereos have 1 illumination wire and it's often positive (+) and fused. Ground (-) is often common throughout the vehicle. If you're swapping your OEM stereo with aftermarket, you'll connect the ILL(+) from the car to the aftermarket stereo ILL. Alternatively, you can use the ACCESSORY wire which is (+) and tie it to ILL on the aftermarket radio as the radio will light up the LEDs posing little draw and will light your stereo when ignition is in accessory. I've done numerous headunits and amps so am very familiar. Dont connect ILL directly to the battery (+) wire or the stereo lights will never shut off and your battery will die.
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wouldn't a direct connect harness be able to resolve wiring issues?
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On the ones ive installed, I didnt hook up the ILL wire at all as I couldnt find one on my car to use. The stereo still illuminates, just doesnt dim with the vehicle dimmer.
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Don't think he using a harness, old way cut and splice
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