snail mail drop off hard copy printed resume

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snail mail drop off hard copy printed resume

with the ease of online applications and submitting things by email, does anyone still print a resume and cover letter and drop it off at the place of employment anymore? Is this a detriment to the job hunt especially with larger organisations and government institutions? I notice most of their postings list snail mail or drop off locations but do hiring managers actually look at these hard copies or strictly go through online submissions with some form of scanning program that picks out important words that may match up with the posting? Well, that's my conspiracy theory as to why i never hear back from large corporations or government postings I apply for.

So does anyone do this and do you think this might set you apart from the crowd? I'd like to think it does and I'd like to think it's beneficial but I'd like to know if anyone has had success doing so.
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Sep 23, 2007
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It depends on where you apply. If you apply at some small place a hard copy, accompanied by your physical presence could help. For large organizations, you are wasting your time. Large organizations tend to have standardized ways of hiring. Like maybe all resume must go through HR first. If a hiring manager gets it, he either toss it out for forward it to HR. It's much easier to forward an email than a piece of paper and the hiring manager may think you're one of those 65 year old candidates who grew up without computers and don't know how to send one.

If they specifically said you can apply by snail mail, then yeah I suppose they might read it...Ultimately I think you are overthinking this. The content of your resume matters much more than your method of delivery. There's no way for us to generalize whether all hiring managers will have a preference over paper resume or electronic anyways. It boils down to a personal preference. You might as well have asked if you should print your resume on glossy paper to stand out or regular paper.

Do large organizations use some kind of scanning program? I believe so. But a lot of people are hired by word of mouth or referrals. I have a designation and also experience under my belt and I also NEVER get a response from large corporation online resume applications. I think you are better off spending your time thinking how to get your name and face out there rather than worry about snail mail delivery.