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Snap: The Smallest & Affordable 4K Action Camera

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  • Jun 12th, 2018 3:09 pm
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Snap: The Smallest & Affordable 4K Action Camera

I am seriously considering buying a few of these beauties
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Why We Designed Snap

Sometimes, the best moments of our lives are the un predicted ones, the small surprises, or the everyday experiences. They are the happy accidents that change our lives.

We won't always have the time to take out our phone to record these fleeting moments of happiness. This is why we deigned Snap, we want to provide a way, make it easy and simple to keep your best memories instead of watching them pass by.

Unlike any current action camera, Snap is small enough to wear comfortably. The built-in magnet replaced weird mounting accessories, just simply click on. And there is no compromise on image quality although the size is so small. With 4K image quality, those precious moments of life are yours to remember, forever.
Tiny, but Super Powerful

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