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Snowbird - Looking for advice on US plans

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Apr 14, 2016
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Snowbird - Looking for advice on US plans


I am going to Florida for 4 months in December. I currently have a Canadian number. I do not want to pay $7 a day roaming while I am down there. I also am on a 2 year plan so can't cancel.

Does anyone have recommendations on what to do for a phone/plan while I am down there? Primary need would be about 10 GB of data. Texting/local calling would be minimal.

Is there something that other snowbirds or long-term travellers to the US do for phones and can share?

Thank you for your advice.
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Aug 2, 2004
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If you’re with Rogers or Bell, they offer a US package for 20$ or 25$ (Can’t remmeber)

It basically gives you unlimited calling to the US and unlimited ROAMing as if you are in Canada. This includes your data.

Problem is, if you cancel the US package after your return, you cannot sign up for it again for 1 year