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so........4 those who lined up on b-day... did any1 ACTUALLY WIN a $500 GC????

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  • Dec 29th, 2004 11:16 pm
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Nov 23, 2002
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mahjongmaniac wrote:-----------------

were u the ONLY one in line.... well, guess u were just OOL :lol:

prbly u should've brought ur ENTIRE family with u... then u get higher chances of winning! :cheesygri

btw, since u stated that the 3rd person behind u won, then yah....u REALLY should've bought ur whole family with u!
yup, what really sucks is that exactly three of my friends bailed on me that day

at the BB i was at they also gave a second prize as well, can't remember what it was though, car stereo or a car alarm or something like that
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Feb 21, 2003
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actng wrote:speaking of scams... did anyone hear about the BB at Hwy 7 and Weston giving the first 100 customers in line, 50% off anything in the store?

I heard this from a friend... who heard it from his friend... who heard it from his friend's father who is the BB's owner.

I went to this location. It wasn't true...they did do the number thing and raffle the gc. Everybody who got there before 6:30am got a number....i got there ~6:50am. Waited in line for 10 min and then ppl started to go in. One thing I didn't know was that they only let 350 ppl in @ a time (not like FS)...there was still ~300 ppl in front of me when they reached the 350 person screw the line up, i went home.

Bonus story: I noticed that the location still had inventory for the boxing day item I wanted and the online price was still set as the boxing day price($250, sold out), so I went back to bb a couple days later(tuesday) and price matched the online price w/ the in store price($300). The guy there let me do it, walked out w/ a door crasher on a non boxing day and I didn't have to waste my day lining up @ the checkout too. ^^.
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Feb 23, 2004
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what country do you think this is?

BladeX wrote:damn isnt that dangerous

handing out $500 to a person in line filled with hundreds of ppl

right when that $500 giftcard is into the hands of some unknown person i can imaging quite a few ppl jumping onto that person n getting the card n running

lol has that ever happened
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Nov 11, 2004
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Balduno wrote:what country do you think this is?
iraq... :D
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