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So confused about device upgrade on Bell.

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Sep 28, 2010
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So confused about device upgrade on Bell.

I've been with Bell Mobility (first mistake - I know, I know) for many years now, and 3 years ago added my girlfriend and my parents to my account so we can share data.

My girlfriend has an iPhone 6s and has been eligible for an upgrade since before Xmas. She is on a legacy $65/mo plan. Besides her plan not allowing her to upgrade to ANY device, it's looking like she needs a $70/mo plan, and PAY $449 UP FRONT, to get an iPhone 7 Plus. A SEVEN. How many years old is that thing? It makes no sense, I'm assuming their website has some kind of problem.

If you were in the market for an iPhone right now, which plan/device makes the most sense? Any input is appreciated!
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Feb 6, 2003
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$449 plus an extra $5/mo works out to $569 which is not horrible for a 7 Plus. The pricing remains high for older iPhones - not Bell's fault but Apple's.

What is her plan currently?
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Nov 28, 2013
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MSRP on older iPhones is crazy high, so yeah, you're gonna see shit like that a lot for "regular priced" deals. If you can wait a bit, older iPhone deals show up via Koodo fairly frequently.

Examples from the end of March:

iphone 8 for $0 on tab large ($480) with a $250 best buy gift card: best-buy-apple-iphone-8-64gb-0-koodo-la ... y-2274841/
iphone 7 for $0 on tab medium ($360) with a $200 prepaid mastercard/visa: wow-mobile-koodo-iphone-7-32-gb-0-tab-m ... y-2275069/