So, Kia Sedona owners here. Is it worth it? ( used 2016 )

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  • Oct 3rd, 2021 3:15 pm
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Mar 20, 2005
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So, Kia Sedona owners here. Is it worth it? ( used 2016 )

Im in the market for a mini van after my odyssey was written off. It was a 2013 and I loved it. Problem is the payout and what is available now is night and day in terms of quality. Lots of junk out there.

Kia sedona 2015+ seems to get decent praise ? I get the kia and hyundia debate but is this true for every vehicle? Or is it a fad to blanket statement the brand as being junk?
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Nov 11, 2013
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Personally I wouldn’t due to the Korean lemons my friends have bought and ultimately regretted it but if the price is right and your willing to give them a try then go ahead.

Budget some money for unexpected repairs.
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Dec 14, 2007
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Can’t eliminate a brand because a friend got a lemon. That being said I wouldn’t get one because my experience with a Sedona was very bad. Hated the drive and all passengers hated being in it. Heard the carnival is much better though.
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May 9, 2003
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Very underrated van. Many look at the brand and look away.

There is actually a lot of value in this van. It has power, very functional, and lots of space.

The best thing is that you are buying when the depreciation has hit. Great value.