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Sofa repair parts in Calgary (foam, spring, spring brackets)

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Jan 20, 2017
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Sofa repair parts in Calgary (foam, spring, spring brackets)

Hi there,

Does anybody know stores in Calgary where I could find parts to repair a sofa ? I need to replace a foam, and also need springs and spring brackets/clips. Google didn't help much (

P.S. If someone did this kind of repairs and know how to choose the foam and can share the knowledge would be great. I am wondering what characteristic of the foam I need to check to get the right one so that I won't need to replace it again in couple years.

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You could try a upholstery shop for the parts and a foam shop for the foam. As you surmise, there are different types and grades of foam that make a difference as far as durability goes.
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Ennis Fabrics in Edmonton is a wholesale supplier to the upholstery industry throughout Canada.
George N. Jackson is another - with a location in Calgary.
Sureline Foam Products is in Calgary.
You will have to give the appearance you are a new 'shop' looking for a supplier. Ennis is quite flexible ... Jackson's not so much (from past experience of many years ago).
Haven't ever dealt with Sureline, but presenting yourself as a new shop may lead to far better pricing.
Learn about foam density so you can talk like you know what you want. Softer foams let you 'sink' into the sofa. Firm foams are firm when you sit down. They will cut to size from huge blocks I expect.
One may have to lay on the bs to get them to sell. Don't overdo it however. They could ask for business license, tax license(s), business cards, web presence, etc.
You may need hog rings and the pliers, tufting needles if there are buttons, stapler (usually air operated), etc.
Good luck.
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