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SoftMaker FreeOffice: Very elegant MS-Office replacement

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Sep 25, 2002
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SoftMaker FreeOffice: Very elegant MS-Office replacement

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I recently came across this excellent free office suite from the German software company SoftMaker, and it's become my default tool for word processing and presentations. Apparently it's quite popular in Europe.

It's got a much cleaner and more attractive user interface than LibreOffice and OpenOffice*, and it renders on-screen fonts much better than they do. It also seems somewhat better at rendering MS-Word and PowerPoint documents properly, but your mileage may vary. And I far prefer it to the ribbon interface in Word itself, which after seven years still drives me crazy!

As the freeware version of the commercial SoftMaker Office suite, FreeOffice has a couple of minor limitations. It can open docx files, but it can't save to docx, for example. All that said, I really like it.


*Don't get me wrong, LibreOffice and OpenOffice are still excellent programs, and they're open source, which FreeOffice isn't, if that matters to you. FreeOffice also lacks some of their extras, like a drawing program and a database. I actually keep LibreOffice installed and sometimes switch back and forth. It does certain things better than FreeOffice, and vice versa. And hey, they're both free, so why not?
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Sep 24, 2007
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i've been using openoffice for a while


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