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[FS] ***SOLD*** Ice Silver PSP-2000 CFW Package ***SOLD***

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  • Oct 11th, 2010 10:50 am
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***SOLD*** Ice Silver PSP-2000 CFW Package ***SOLD***

Currently selling a used Ice Silver PSP-2000 running the latest custom firmware, CFW 5.50 Gen-D.

The package includes:
- Ice Silver PSP-2000
-Grey PSP-2000 sleeve

- PSP-2000 charger
-> The charger uses the Asian standard power jack, a power adapter is included to allow for use with North American power outlets

- 8gb San Disk PROduo memory stick
- 4gb Sony PROduo memory stick

- 2 gb San Disk M2 memory stick
-> An M2 to PROduo adapter is included to allow for use with the PSP

- Pandora Battery
- Magic Memory stick
-> The pandora battery and Magic memory stick allow one to install custom firmware on any PSP-1000/2000 and can be used to revive PSP's which have been bricked/broken as a result of a failed software update

- Interac PSP Component Cables
->Allows you to connect your PSP to any TV with a component input: playing on the big screen!

- Sony PSP headset and sound rocker attachment
->Official sony accessory compatible with the pre-installed PSP Skype program

- PhotoFast CR-5400 Pro Duo dual MicroSDHC adapter
-> An adapter which allows you to stack the capacity of two High capacity micro SD memory sticks to be used with your PSP, expanding your maximum storage capacity to 32 gb
***Note that the package includes NO Micro SD cards, only the adapter***

The package includes more than enough to expand your PSP library, providing a total of 14 gb in storage across the included 8,4, and 2gb PSP compatible memory sticks.

With the included pandoras battery and magic memory stick you will be able to maintain and continually update your PSP, allowing you to keep up with the latest and greatest firmware and games.

All items are in good condition and have only been used for light gaming: everything is in working order.



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