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Solution for Dishwasher connection

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Jul 31, 2017
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Solution for Dishwasher connection

Brand new double sink that I am trying to setup the drains for plus the adjacent dishwasher. The problem is that the roughed in drain in about 1" too high for the fittings. This picture shows the problem (They are just stacked for illustrative purposes)
Ideally i'd have the trap adapter, then the dishwasher wye, then the sanitary tee to connect the second drain and then straight into the P trap. However, there just isn't enough room. Not sure what the preferred solution would be?

Cut the drain before the branch out to the sinks, lower it and then use a flexible coupler to reattach the pipes. Are flexible couplers code? I could put the flex coupler above the branch so it is just the vent run.

Try to find a sanitary tee without a hub and this might just squeak by, but I can't find them in a big box store, not sure if a plumbing supply carries such a thing?

Move the dishwasher wye to the horizontal run between sinks. It will still be upstream of the P trap and the connector will face the direction of flow but is it recommended to mount a dishwasher wye on the horizontal?

Thanks for any other advice or solutions!
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