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Sony 65" 4k Dilemma....850 or 900

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  • Dec 28th, 2017 9:12 pm
Feb 4, 2016
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Sony 65" 4k Dilemma....850 or 900

I Really can't decide on which of these two sets to buy. Is the 900 worth $460 (after taxes) more than the 850? I saw them both side by side at BB. I know this isn't the proper way to judge, but I figured they would be both showing their best (brightest) off. The 900 did look better, but I can't say it looked $460 better. Is there any other reason I should be considering the 900 vs 850 other than pq? Like better upscaling of 1080p signals, motion blurry, ect....

Which would you choose and why?

Thanks for reading.
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Feb 19, 2017
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There are enough discussion of this in the sony x900e thread that pretty much everything is covered... ... 33728/237/

Short answer, if you are happy with x850e, go 850. x900e is basically the closest to oled without being oled (thus no burn in)... unless you want to count x930/940 where there isnt noticable difference (to most).

Big difference between 850 and 900 is 900 has 45 dimming zones. Want details/other differences... you probably can find every bit of info in that massive thread...

there is no difference in upscaling, no difference in refresh rate and as far as i know neither has ghosting.