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[Sony Online Entertainment] [PSN] playstation - Hidden Gems Sale 2020 - Long List 700+ items

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Oct 18, 2016
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[Sony Online Entertainment] [PSN] playstation - Hidden Gems Sale 2020 - Long List 700+ items

Deal Link:
September 1, 2020
Sony Online Entertainment
More offers from Sony Online Entertainment
[11-11 Memories Retold]|$9.99|75%||
[1971 Project Helios]|$37.44|30%|$34.76|35%
[1979 Revolution: Black Friday]|$3.99|75%||
[36 Fragments of Midnight]|$1.19|70%||
[7th Sector]|$18.89|30%||
[7th Sector Collector's Edition]|$20.09|40%||
[8-Bit Armies]|$7.99|80%||
[8-Bit Armies - Deluxe Edition]|$8.99|80%||
[8-Bit Hordes]|$11.99|70%||
[8-Bit Hordes - Deluxe Edition]|$14.09|70%||
[8-Bit Invaders!]|$3.99|90%||
[8-Bit Invaders! - Deluxe Edition]|$4.69|90%||
[8-Bit RTS Series – Complete Collection]|$47.99|40%||
[88 Heroes]|$3.99|80%||
[A Knight's Quest]|$13.39|60%||
[A Pixel Story]|$7.99|50%||
[A Winter's Daydream]|$4.79|40%||
[ACA NEOGEO SENGOKU]|$5.49|50%||
[ACA NEOGEO ZED BLADE]|$5.49|50%||
[Access Denied]|$2.79|60%||
[Action Henk]|$3.99|80%||
[Active Neurons - Puzzle game]|$4.19|40%||
[Adam's Venture: Origins]|$2.99|85%||
[Adam's Venture: Origins - Deluxe Edition]|$5.39|80%||
[AereA - Deluxe Edition]|$3.34|90%||
[Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders]|$15.99|60%||
[Alien Shooter + Doodle God Bundle]|$5.39|60%|$3.36|75%
[Alien Shooter&Doodle Devil Bundle]|$5.39|60%|$3.36|75%
[Amnesia: Collection]|$5.99|85%||
[Anima: Gate of memories]|$9.44|65%||
[Anima: Gate of Memories - The Nameless Chronicles]|$12.14|55%||
[Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil]|$2.79|60%||
[Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition]|$13.99|30%||
[Archaica: The Path Of Light]|$9.99|50%|$6.59|67%
[Arise: A simple story]|$17.54|35%||
[Assault Suit Leynos]|$5.99|80%||
[Assetto Corsa]|$9.99|75%||
[Assetto Corsa Season Pass]|$6.74|75%||
[Attack of the Toy Tanks]|$3.49|50%||
[Aven Colony]|$19.99|50%||
[Awesome Pea]|$3.99|50%||
[Back in 1995]|$6.74|50%||
[Balthazar's Dream]|$5.49|50%||
[Banner Saga 1]|$6.69|80%||
[Banner Saga 2]|$6.69|80%||
[Banner Saga 3]|$13.39|60%||
[Banner Saga Trilogy]|$23.44|65%||
[Beholder 2]|$7.99|60%||
[Beholder Complete Edition ]|$5.99|70%||
[Beyond Eyes]|$6.99|65%||
[BIG CROWN: SHOWDOWN]|$8.74|50%||
[Big Pharma]|$11.99|70%|$7.99|80%
[Bird Game +]|$2.79|60%||
[Birthdays the Beginning]|$13.37|75%||
[Black the Fall]|$5.99|70%||
[BLACKSAD : Under The Skin]|$26.79|60%||
[Blackwood Crossing]|$10.74|50%||
[Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition ]|$1.59|60%||
[Bleed Complete Bundle]|$7.49|80%||
[Blind Men]|$4.54|35%||
[Block-a-Pix Deluxe]|$5.49|50%||
[Blood Bowl 2]|$6.74|75%||
[Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition]|$9.99|75%||
[Blood Waves]|$6.74|50%||
[Bloody Zombies]|$7.99|60%||
[Bomber Crew]|$4.99|75%||
[Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition]|$8.37|75%||
[Bomber Crew: American Edition]|$6.74|75%||
[Bouncy Bullets]|$3.49|50%||
[Bound by Flame™]|$4.04|70%||
[Braveland Trilogy]|$12.99|35%|$9.99|50%
[Breeder Homegrown: Director's Cut]|$4.19|40%||
[Bubsy: Paws on Fire!]|$10.04|70%|$6.69|80%
[Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back]|$8.09|70%|$5.39|80%
[Bucket Knight]|$4.19|40%||
[Candle: The Power of the Flame]|$5.39|80%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Bentley DLC]|$2.51|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Chrysler DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Dodge DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Dodge Modern DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Ford DLC]|$5.03|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Lotus DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Maserati DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Mercedes-Benz DLC]|$5.97|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Pagani DLC]|$5.03|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Plymouth DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Porsche DLC]|$5.03|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Ram DLC]|$4.40|37%||
[Car Mechanic Simulator - Rims DLC]|$1.88|37%||
[Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers]|$9.44|65%||
[Castle Pals]|$4.89|30%||
[Caveman Warriors]|$11.99|40%||
[Chicken Assassin: Reloaded]|$5.49|50%|$4.39|60%
[Children of Zodiarcs]|$7.19|70%||
[Chop is Dish]|$4.19|40%||
[Chroma Squad]|$4.99|75%||
[Chronus Arc]|$9.99|50%|$7.99|60%
[Citadel: Forged with Fire]|$21.39|60%||
[Cladun Returns: This Is Sengoku!]|$6.74|75%||
[Concept Destruction]|$4.89|30%||
[Concrete Genie]|$19.99|50%||
[Concrete Genie Digital Deluxe Edition]|$24.99|50%||
[Creature in the Well]|$11.99|40%||
[Crossovers by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Crypto by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Cybarian: The Time Travelling Warrior]|$2.79|60%||
[Decay of Logos]|$13.49|50%||
[Deep Ones]|$3.49|50%||
[Deep Space Rush]|$3.49|50%||
[Deer Simulator]|$6.74|50%|$5.39|60%
[Defunct - Deluxe Edition]|$5.39|80%||
[Delta Squad]|$3.99|50%||
[Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure]|$2.02|85%||
[Demon Gaze II]|$13.37|75%||
[Demon's Tier+]|$10.79|20%||
[Desert Child]|$7.99|50%|$7.19|55%
[Devious Dungeon]|$3.84|65%||
[Devious Dungeon 2]|$4.39|60%||
[DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition]|$3.99|50%||
[Dollhouse - Deluxe Edition]|$23.49|50%||
[Don't Starve: Console Edition]|$4.99|75%||
[Doodle Devil]|$3.19|60%|$1.99|75%
[Doodle God, Doodle Devil and Doodle Kingdom]|$7.99|60%|$4.99|75%
[Doodle Kingdom]|$3.19|60%|$1.99|75%
[Doodles&Gnomes Gardens Bundle]|$13.39|60%|$8.36|75%
[Duck Souls+]|$4.19|40%||
[EARTH'S DAWN]|$7.99|80%||
[Elea - Deluxe Edition]|$11.99|40%||
[Element Space]|$26.79|20%|$20.09|40%
[Elk Simulator]|$6.74|50%|$5.39|60%
[EMMA: Lost in Memories]|$6.59|40%||
[Energy Bundle (Energy Invasion, Energy Cycle, Energy Balance)]|$4.74|50%||
[Energy Cycle]|$1.99|50%||
[Energy Cycle Edge]|$3.49|50%||
[Energy Invasion]|$1.99|50%||
[Enter the Gungeon]|$9.99|50%||
[Euro Fishing]|$9.44|65%||
[Euro Fishing: Bergsee]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Castle Edition]|$13.39|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Foundry Dock]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Hunters Lake]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Le Lac d’or]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Lilies]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Manor Farm Lake]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Season Pass US Edition ]|$16.74|50%||
[Euro Fishing: The Moat]|$5.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Ultimate Edition]|$23.99|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Urban Edition]|$13.39|60%||
[Euro Fishing: Waldsee]|$5.99|60%||
[Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror]|$9.99|50%||
[Eventide 3: Legacy of Legends Deluxe]|$13.49|50%||
[Eventide Collection]|$23.99|50%||
[Expand + Soundtrack Bundle]|$4.04|70%||
[Explosive Jake]|$4.19|40%||
[Farmer's Dynasty]|$26.74|50%||
[.hack//G.U. Last Recode]|$16.24|75%||
[Farming Simulator 17]|$13.49|50%||
[Farming Simulator 17 - Platinum Edition]|$19.99|50%||
[Farming Simulator 17 - Premium Edition]|$33.49|50%||
[Fast Striker]|$4.74|50%||
[Fear Effect Sedna]|$2.69|90%||
[Fenix Furia]|$7.99|60%|$5.99|70%
[Fernz Gate]|$12.99|35%|$10.99|45%
[Fifty Words by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Fight'N Rage]|$17.54|35%||
[Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure]|$5.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World: Lago del mundo]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour - Giant Carp Pack]|$9.99|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Collector's Edition]|$40.19|40%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Gigantica Road Lake]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Jezioro Bestii]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Laguna Iquitos]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Lake Arnold]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Lake Dylan]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Lake Williams]|$7.49|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Lough Kerr]|$7.14|35%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Quad Lake Pass]|$24.74|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Tackle Box Equipment Pack]|$4.79|40%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Talon Fishery]|$7.14|35%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Tournament Bass Pack]|$9.99|50%||
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Trophy Hunter's Equipment Pack]|$3.99|50%||
[Football Game]|$3.84|45%||
[Forgotton Anne]|$10.79|60%||
[Fort Defense]|$3.79|60%|$2.36|75%
[FoxyLand 2]|$4.79|40%||
[Freakout: Calamity TV Show]|$8.09|40%||
[Full Throttle Remastered]|$9.99|50%||
[Furi - Definitive Edition]|$8.84|70%||
[Fury Unleashed]|$18.89|30%|$16.19|40%
[Ganbare! Super Strikers]|$8.09|40%||
[Garfield Kart - Furious Racing]|$15.99|60%||
[Generation Zero®]|$17.99|55%||
[Generation Zero® - Alpine Unrest]|$8.24|25%||
[Genetic Disaster]|$9.99|50%|$6.59|67%
[Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions Evolved]|$6.59|67%||
[Get Even]|$7.99|80%||
[Ghoulboy: Dark Sword of Goblin]|$5.49|50%||
[GIGA WRECKER ALT.]|$16.74|50%||
[Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions]|$7.99|50%||
[Gnomes Garden 3 in 1 Bundle]|$5.39|60%|$3.36|75%
[Gnomes Garden 3: The thief of castles&Doodle God]|$4.39|60%|$2.74|75%
[Golem Gates]|$11.38|66%||
[Grab the Bottle]|$2.09|70%||
[Grass Cutter - Mutated Lawns]|$4.74|50%||
[Gravity Duck]|$2.79|60%||
[Guacamelee! 2]|$6.74|75%||
[Guacamelee! 2 Complete]|$7.74|75%||
[Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition]|$4.99|75%||
[Guard Duty]|$8.76|35%||
[Gun Crazy]|$4.54|35%||
[Gunlord X]|$8.09|40%||
[Guns, Gore and Cannoli]|$5.39|60%||
[Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2]|$6.99|60%||
[Hard Reset Redux]|$5.39|80%|$2.69|90%
[Hatoful Boyfriend]|$2.69|80%||
[Help Will Come Tomorrow]|$8.09|70%|$6.74|75%
[Heroes Trials]|$3.19|60%||
[Hidden Through Time]|$7.69|30%||
[Hidden Through Time - Viking Tales]|$2.09|30%||
[Hitman GO: Definitive Edition]|$2.19|80%||
[HIVE: Altenum Wars]|$2.69|80%|$2.01|85%
[HIVE: Altenum Wars Deluxe Edition]|$5.24|70%|$3.49|80%
[Holy Potatoes! A Bundle?!]|$16.74|50%||
[Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!]|$9.99|50%||
[Holy Potatoes! We're In Space?!]|$9.99|50%||
[Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition]|$4.74|50%|$2.84|70%
[Honor and Duty: D-Day]|$10.11|25%|$6.73|50%
[Honor and Duty: D-Day Single Player]|$5.24|25%|$3.49|50%
[Horror Stories]|$1.19|60%|$0.89|70%
[House Flipper]|$27.99|30%||
[Human Fall Flat]|$8.99|55%||
[Hunters Legacy]|$2.84|70%|$2.36|75%
[ I am Bread ]|$3.49|80%||
[ I Am The Hero ]|$5.39|60%||
[ I and Me ]|$5.39|60%||
[ I Want To Be Human]|$0.69|80%||
[ I Zombie]|$2.99|50%|$1.49|75%
[ Ice Cream Surfer]|$3.29|70%|$1.64|85%
[ IMMORTAL: UNCHAINED ]|$19.99|50%||
[IMMORTAL: UNCHAINED Ultimate Edition]|$25.99|50%||
[Indie Darling Bundle Vol.3]|$11.49|80%||
[Indie Darling Bundle Vol.4]|$13.39|80%||
[inFAMOUS First Light ]|$9.39|53%||
[Infinite - Beyond the Mind]|$10.11|25%|$6.73|50%
[Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 2]|$5.02|85%||
[Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 3]|$5.02|85%||
[Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 4]|$5.99|85%||
[Instant Indie Collection: Vol. 5]|$5.84|85%||
[Iro Hero]|$4.79|40%||
[IRON SEA + FORT DEFENSE BUNDLE]|$5.39|60%|$3.36|75%
[Iron Snout]|$2.79|60%||
[Jack N’ Jill DX]|$2.79|60%||
[John Wick Hex]|$18.89|30%||
[Jump King]|$11.71|33%||
[Jump Step Step]|$3.49|50%||
[Just a Phrase by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Just Ignore Them]|$2.79|60%||
[King's Quest - Chapter 2: Rubble Without A Cause]|$3.37|75%||
[King's Quest - Chapter 3: Once Upon a Climb]|$3.37|75%||
[King's Quest - Chapter 4: Snow Place Like Home]|$3.37|75%||
[King's Quest - Chapter 5: The Good Knight]|$3.37|75%||
[King's Quest: Season Pass]|$8.37|75%||
[King's Quest: The Complete Collection]|$9.99|75%||
[Kingdom Treasury Collection]|$23.44|30%||
[Kingdom Two Crowns]|$18.89|30%||
[Knights and Bikes]|$20.24|25%||
[Kyurinaga's Revenge]|$6.74|50%|$5.39|60%
[Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris]|$5.39|80%||
[Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Season Pass]|$2.02|85%||
[Lara Croft GO]|$2.19|80%||
[Laws of Machine]|$2.79|30%||
[Layers of Fear]|$6.74|75%||
[League of Evil]|$3.49|50%||
[Legend of the Skyfish]|$4.39|60%||
[Legend of the Tetrarchs]|$13.99|30%|$11.99|40%
[Link-a-Pix Deluxe]|$5.49|50%||
[Little Nightmares]|$4.99|80%||
[LocoRoco™ 2 Remastered]|$10.59|47%||
[LocoRoco™ Remastered]|$10.59|47%||
[Lost Sea]|$2.99|85%||
[Lovecraft´s Untold Stories]|$9.19|54%||
[Magicka 2]|$5.99|70%||
[Magicka 2: Special Edition]|$8.09|70%||
[Mahjongs&Gnomes Gardens Bundle Vol.1]|$6.39|60%|$3.99|75%
[Manual Samuel]|$4.04|70%||
[Max and the Book of Chaos]|$6.59|40%||
[MediEvil - Digital Deluxe]|$24.99|50%||
[Mega Man 30th Anniversary Bundle]|$53.59|33%||
[Melbits™ World]|$7.99|60%||
[Melbits™ World Party Edition]|$13.49|50%||
[Metropolis: Lux Obscura]|$4.39|60%||
[Midnight Deluxe]|$2.79|60%||
[Milo's Quest]|$4.19|40%||
[Minesweeper Genius]|$5.99|25%|$3.99|50%
[Mixups by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Mochi Mochi Boy]|$2.79|60%||
[Monkey King: Master of the Clouds]|$2.79|60%|$2.09|70%
[Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom]|$21.39|60%||
[Mordheim: City of the Damned]|$8.09|70%||
[Mordheim: City of the Damned - Complete Edition]|$11.99|70%||
[Mother Russia Bleeds]|$4.99|75%||
[Move or Die]|$9.99|50%|$7.99|60%
[Moving Out]|$23.44|30%||
[Moving Out - The Employees of the Month Pack]|$2.67|33%||
[Music Racer]|$6.64|30%||
[Mutant Football League]|$11.99|40%|$9.99|50%
[Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition]|$16.19|40%|$13.49|50%
[My Big Sister]|$4.39|45%||
[My Little Riding Champion]|$13.99|65%||
[My Night Job]|$3.29|70%|$2.74|75%
[NAMCO MUSEUM® ARCHIVES Vol 1]|$20.24|25%||
[NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Trilogy]|$16.04|70%||
[NAtURAL DOCtRINE]|$5.99|70%||
[Neon City Riders]|$17.54|35%|$16.19|40%
[Neon Junctions]|$2.79|60%||
[Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna)]|$5.99|70%|$3.99|80%
[Never Alone Arctic Collection]|$7.19|70%|$4.79|80%
[Never Alone: Foxtales]|$3.29|40%|$2.74|50%
[Nickelodeon Kart Racers]|$19.99|50%||
[Nine Parchments]|$6.74|75%||
[Ninja Shodown]|$3.99|80%||
[Obey Me]|$21.59|20%|$18.89|30%
[Octodad: Dadliest Catch]|$5.99|70%||
[Oh My Godheads]|$3.99|80%||
[OKAMI HD]|$13.49|50%||
[Oliver's Adventures in the Fairyland]|$5.69|40%|$4.74|50%
[One Eyed Kutkh]|$2.79|60%||
[One More Dungeon]|$3.84|65%||
[One More Fight]|$3.29|40%||
[One Night Stand]|$4.54|35%||
[One Word by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Onimusha: Warlords]|$13.49|50%||
[Operencia: The Stolen Sun]|$23.99|40%||
[Outcast - Second Contact]|$8.02|85%||
[Outlast 2]|$8.74|75%||
[Overcooked: Gourmet Edition]|$10.79|60%||
[Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2]|$28.19|40%||
[Overcooked! 2]|$20.09|40%||
[Overcooked! 2 - Campfire Cook Off]|$5.35|33%||
[Overcooked! 2 - Carnival of Chaos]|$5.35|33%||
[Overcooked! 2 - Night of the Hangry Horde]|$9.03|33%||
[Overcooked! 2 - Season Pass]|$13.49|50%||
[Overcooked! 2 - Surf 'n' Turf]|$5.35|33%||
[Overcooked! 2 - Too Many Cooks Pack]|$2.67|33%||
[PAC-MAN 256]|$3.49|50%||
[Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s]|$12.24|30%||
[Paradox Soul]|$2.79|60%||
[Paraiso Island Bargain Bundle]|$6.74|50%|$2.69|80%
[PaRappa The Rapper 2™]|$4.99|50%||
[PaRappa The Rapper™ Remastered]|$9.39|53%||
[Patapon 2 Remastered]|$13.39|33%||
[Patapon™ Remastered]|$9.39|53%||
[Path to Mnemosyne]|$6.74|50%||
[Pathologic 2]|$28.19|40%||
[Pato Box]|$5.99|70%|$4.99|75%
[Peasant Knight]|$1.59|60%||
[Phantom Doctrine]|$13.37|75%|$10.69|80%
[Pic-a-Pix Classic]|$5.49|50%||
[Pic-a-Pix Classic 2]|$5.49|50%||
[Pic-a-Pix Color]|$5.49|50%||
[Pic-a-Pix Color 2]|$5.49|50%||
[Pic-a-Pix Pieces]|$5.49|50%||
[Pic-a-Pix Pieces 2]|$5.49|50%||
[Pity Pit]|$4.89|30%||
[Pixel Devil and the Broken Cartridge]|$4.19|40%|$3.49|50%
[Pixel Ripped 1989]|$9.99|50%|$7.99|60%
[PixelJunk™ Monsters 2]|$3.99|80%||
[PixelJunk™ Monsters 2 Danganronpa Pack]|$1.39|80%||
[PixelJunk™ Monsters 2 Deluxe Edition]|$5.89|80%||
[PixelJunk™ Monsters 2 Season Pass]|$2.19|80%||
[Plague Universe Strategy Rpg Bundle]|$3.49|50%|$1.39|80%
[PLANET ALPHA]|$10.79|60%||
[Planet RIX-13]|$3.49|50%||
[Potata: fairy flower]|$13.99|30%||
[Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid]|$16.19|40%||
[Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid - Collector's Edition]|$26.74|50%||
[Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid - Season One Pass]|$9.99|50%||
[Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid - Season Two Pass]|$11.99|40%||
[Prison Architect: Escape Mode Bundle]|$15.59|70%||
[Prison Architect: PlayStation®4 Edition]|$10.04|70%||
[Pro Deer Hunting]|$9.99|50%|$7.99|60%
[Pumped BMX +]|$4.04|70%||
[Punch Club]|$2.69|80%||
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[Radical Rabbit Stew]|$16.11|25%||
[Radical Rabbit Stew - Digital Deluxe Edition]|$17.99|25%||
[Radio Squid]|$4.89|30%||
[Raiden V: Director's Cut]|$15.99|60%|$11.99|70%
[Rainbow Moon]|$3.99|80%||
[Rainbow Skies]|$11.99|70%||
[Rainbow Skies + Rainbow Moon Mega RPG Bundle]|$16.04|70%||
[Random Heroes: Gold Edition]|$4.19|40%||
[Rayon Riddles - Rise of the Goblin King]|$3.99|75%|$2.39|85%
[Red Bow]|$4.19|40%||
[Reed 2]|$4.54|35%||
[Reed Remastered]|$4.19|40%||
[Regions of Ruin]|$8.09|40%||
[RICO - Breakout]|$5.24|25%||
[Riddled Corpses EX]|$2.69|80%||
[Rift Keeper]|$6.74|50%||
[Risk of Rain 2]|$19.99|50%||
[Road Bustle]|$1.04|30%|$0.96|35%
[Road Redemption]|$13.49|50%||
[Roarr! Jurassic Edition]|$2.79|60%||
[Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break]|$31.99|20%||
[Roman Rumble in Las Vegum - Asterix and Obelix XXL 2]|$20.09|70%||
[Royal Defense]|$3.79|60%|$2.36|75%
[Royal Defense Invisible Threat]|$3.79|60%|$2.36|75%
[Rune Lord]|$5.69|40%||
[Rush Rover]|$4.54|35%||
[Save the Ninja Clan]|$1.59|60%||
[Scheming Through The Zombie Apocalypse: The Beginning]|$2.79|60%||
[SEA DEFENSE BUNDLE]|$5.39|60%|$3.36|75%
[Seasons after Fall]|$2.69|80%||
[Serial Cleaner]|$5.99|70%||
[Shadow of Loot Box]|$3.29|70%||
[Shadow Warrior 2]|$13.37|75%||
[Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom]|$2.69|80%||
[Shiny - A Robotic Adventure]|$2.99|90%||
[Shooty Fruity]|$12.14|55%||
[Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment]|$9.44|30%||
[Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove]|$37.44|30%||
[Sigi - A Fart for Melusina]|$2.79|60%||
[Slain: Back from Hell]|$3.99|80%||
[Slender: The Arrival]|$3.37|75%||
[Smoots Summer Games]|$8.09|40%||
[Snake Pass]|$9.44|65%||
[Snow Moto Racing Freedom]|$6.99|60%||
[Solo: Islands of the Heart]|$6.74|75%||
[SPACE RIFT - Episode 1]|$6.74|75%|$4.04|85%
[Spartan Fist]|$11.99|40%||
[Spirit of the North]|$20.09|40%||
[Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition]|$2.79|60%||
[STAR WARS™ Episode I Racer]|$11.99|40%||
[State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem]|$2.19|80%||
[SteamWorld Heist - The Outsider]|$2.79|60%||
[Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure]|$6.74|50%||
[Storm Boy]|$3.99|50%||
[Stranded Sails – Explorers of the Cursed Islands]|$20.09|40%||
[Strawberry Vinegar]|$9.44|30%||
[Styx: Shards of Darkness]|$6.74|75%||
[Subdivision Infinity DX]|$14.99|25%|$9.99|50%
[Super Blood Hockey]|$6.79|66%||
[Super Box Land Demake]|$2.79|60%||
[Super Destronaut DX]|$2.79|60%||
[Super Destronaut: Land Wars]|$4.54|35%||
[Super Hyperactive Ninja]|$7.19|40%||
[Super Korotama]|$4.19|40%|$3.49|50%
[Super Korotama - Koro Edition]|$8.09|40%|$6.74|50%
[Super Street: The Game]|$16.74|50%||
[Super Weekend Mode]|$2.79|60%||
[Super Wiloo Demake]|$2.79|60%||
[Surgeon Simulator A&E + I Am Bread]|$6.74|75%||
[Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition]|$3.49|80%||
[Surgeon Simulator: Experience Reality]|$9.44|65%||
[Surviving Mars]|$13.59|66%||
[Surviving Mars - Digital Deluxe Edition]|$21.39|60%||
[Surviving Mars - First Colony Edition]|$29.40|66%|$21.61|75%
[Sword and Fairy 6]|$13.31|63%||
[SWORD ART ONLINE: Hollow Realization]|$12.79|84%||
[Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet]|$4.54|35%||
[Taimumari: Complete Edition]|$4.19|40%||
[Task Force Kampas]|$5.19|35%||
[Telling Lies]|$16.19|40%||
[TETRA’s Escape]|$2.79|60%||
[The 25th Ward: The Silver Case]|$11.99|70%||
[The Adventure Pals]|$9.99|50%||
[The Assembly]|$15.99|60%||
[The Bradwell Conspiracy]|$10.79|60%||
[The Catch: Carp and Coarse]|$26.79|20%||
[The Count Lucanor]|$2.99|85%||
[The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt]|$29.99|25%||
[The Escapists + The Escapists 2]|$23.49|50%||
[The Escapists + The Escapists: The Walking Dead Collection]|$9.99|75%||
[The Escapists 2 - Big Top Breakout]|$3.29|40%||
[The Escapists 2 - Dungeons and Duct Tape]|$3.29|40%||
[The Escapists 2 - The Glorious Regime]|$3.29|40%||
[The Escapists 2 - Wicked Ward]|$3.29|40%||
[The Escapists DLC Bundle]|$4.72|65%||
[The Escapists: Supermax Edition]|$8.37|75%||
[The Escapists: The Walking Dead]|$17.54|35%||
[The Fisherman - Fishing Planet]|$26.74|50%||
[The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition]|$5.99|70%||
[THE FOREST]|$13.49|50%||
[The Great Perhaps]|$9.44|30%|$6.74|50%
[The Inner World]|$5.99|70%||
[The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk]|$6.74|75%||
[The Jackbox Party Pack]|$16.74|50%||
[The Jackbox Party Pack 2]|$16.74|50%||
[The Jackbox Party Pack 3]|$20.09|40%||
[The Jackbox Party Pack 4]|$20.09|40%||
[The Jackbox Party Pack 5]|$23.99|40%||
[The Jackbox Party Pack 6]|$27.99|30%||
[The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince]|$13.49|50%||
[The Little Acre]|$5.24|70%||
[The Long Reach]|$2.99|85%||
[The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game Definitive Edition]|$13.49|50%||
[The Messenger]|$13.49|50%||
[The Metronomicon - Challenge Pack Season Pass]|$3.84|65%|$3.29|70%
[The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor]|$9.44|65%|$8.09|70%
[The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor - Deluxe]|$11.72|65%|$10.04|70%
[The Mooseman]|$4.74|50%||
[The Persistence]|$31.99|20%|$29.99|25%
[The Savior's Gang]|$4.19|40%|$3.49|50%
[The Savior's Gang - Blessed Edition]|$5.40|43%|$4.45|53%
[The Savior's Gang - Turbo Holy Edition]|$6.59|45%|$5.39|55%
[The Shadow Warrior Collection]|$19.99|75%||
[The Silver Case]|$6.74|75%||
[The Surge]|$6.74|75%||
[The Surge - Augmented Edition]|$9.99|75%||
[The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse]|$9.99|50%||
[The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition]|$13.39|80%||
[The Technomancer]|$5.39|80%||
[The Tower of Beatrice]|$3.99|50%||
[The Unicorn Princess]|$19.99|50%||
[This War of Mine: The Little Ones]|$6.74|75%||
[Thomas Was Alone]|$4.04|70%||
[Thomas Was Alone Benjamin's Flight]|$2.99|40%||
[Thunder Paw]|$4.54|35%||
[Thy Sword]|$8.76|35%||
[Tic-Tac-Letters by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Ticket to Ride]|$10.79|60%||
[Ticket to Ride - Europe]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket to Ride - Germany]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket to Ride - India]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket to Ride - Legendary Asia]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket to Ride - Nordic Countries]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket to Ride - Pennsylvania]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket To Ride - Switzerland]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket To Ride - United Kingdom]|$3.40|38%||
[Ticket To Ride - USA 1910]|$1.85|38%||
[Titan Souls]|$4.99|75%||
[Toki Tori 2+]|$4.99|75%|$3.99|80%
[Touhou Double Focus]|$1.34|90%||
[Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet]|$8.09|70%||
[Touhou Genso Wanderer]|$13.19|67%||
[Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded]|$26.79|60%||
[Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded - The Elegance Bundle]|$26.74|50%||
[Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle]|$6.74|75%||
[Tower Defense Collection 7 in 1]|$21.39|60%|$13.36|75%
[Tower of Time]|$22.43|33%||
[Train Sim World: Amtrak SW1000R Loco Add-On]|$13.49|50%||
[Train Sim World: BR Heavy Freight Pack Loco Add-On]|$16.19|40%||
[Train Sim World: Caltrain MP15DC Diesel Switcher]|$20.24|25%||
[Train Sim World: DB BR 155 Loco Add-On]|$16.19|40%||
[Train Sim World: DB BR 182]|$16.19|40%||
[Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line: Darlington – Saltburn]|$19.99|50%||
[Train Sim World® LIRR M3 EMU]|$20.24|25%||
[Train Sim World®: BR Class 31]|$17.54|35%||
[Train Sim World®: BR Class 33]|$16.19|40%||
[Train Sim World®: BR Class 52]|$16.19|40%||
[Train Sim World®: Caltrain MP36PH-3C ‘Baby Bullet’]|$20.24|25%||
[Train Sim World®: Canadian National Oakville Subdivision]|$25.99|35%||
[Train Sim World®: Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr: Duisburg - Bochum]|$25.99|35%||
[Train Sim World®: Long Island Rail Road]|$19.99|50%||
[Train Sim World®: Main Spessart Bahn: Aschaffenburg - Gemünden]|$19.99|50%||
[Train Sim World®: Northern Trans-Pennine]|$19.99|50%||
[Train Sim World®: Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose]|$25.99|35%||
[Train Sim World®: Ruhr-Sieg Nord]|$19.99|50%||
[Train Sim World®: West Somerset Railway]|$16.74|50%||
[Tricky Towers]|$7.99|60%||
[Trine 2: Complete Story]|$6.74|75%||
[Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power]|$7.37|75%||
[Trine Enchanted Edition]|$4.99|75%||
[Trine Trilogy]|$9.99|75%||
[Truck Driver]|$32.99|40%||
[True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1]|$6.74|50%|$5.39|60%
[Twin Robots ]|$2.79|60%||
[Two Tribes Pack: RIVE and Toki Tori 2+]|$8.99|75%|$7.19|80%
[Ultimate Chicken Horse]|$9.99|50%||
[Unruly Heroes]|$13.49|50%||
[Virginia - Special Edition Bundle]|$5.99|60%||
[Vostok Inc.]|$6.59|67%||
[War Theatre]|$1.39|80%|$0.69|90%
[War Theatre: Plague Universe Bundle]|$6.74|50%|$4.04|70%
[Warlock's Tower]|$3.49|50%||
[We. The Revolution]|$8.09|70%|$6.74|75%
[Where Are My Friends?]|$1.59|80%||
[Whipseey and the Lost Atlas]|$5.99|25%|$3.99|50%
[Whispering Willows (Game and Theme)]|$4.24|75%|$3.39|80%
[Without Escape]|$3.49|50%||
[Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap]|$10.79|60%||
[Word Maze by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Word Search by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Word Sudoku by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Word Wheel by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Wordsweeper by POWGI]|$5.49|50%||
[Worms Battlegrounds Alien Invasion]|$1.04|85%||
[Worms W.M.D]|$11.99|70%||
[Worms™ Battlegrounds ]|$10.04|70%||
[Xenon Racer]|$3.99|90%||
[Xenon Valkyrie+]|$2.69|80%||
[Yaga Bad Luck Bundle]|$27.99|30%||
[Yasai Ninja]|$2.79|30%|$2.59|35%
[Yesterday Origins]|$10.04|70%||
[Yoku's Island Express]|$9.17|66%||
[Yomawari: Midnight Shadows]|$8.09|70%||
[Zero Zero Zero Zero]|$3.84|45%||
[Zeroptian Invasion]|$2.79|60%||
Sep 26, 2013
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Too much hidden gems... I'll wait for others to point out what's worth buying.
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Dec 7, 2005
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somewhere in B.C.
Car Mechanic simulator??

....so what,... a game on how to swear?
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Jul 8, 2007
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iusearayK47 wrote: I got a price watch email this morning for A Way Out (https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GHTAWAYOUT)
It's on sale for $9.99 (75% off, regular price 39.99)

Heard it's a pretty great story-based couch co-op game.
Yeah it is good co-op game but it is included with EA access which is 4.99 a month or 29.99 a year

It isn't a super long game so I'd say you be able to beat it in a month. Not a game I would play more than once

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Jul 14, 2018
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raskal wrote: Car Mechanic simulator??

....so what,... a game on how to swear?
Pretty fun game, played it years ago on PC.
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May 12, 2007
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I ain't thread pooping here but I don't recognize any of these games.
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Nov 22, 2004
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Some of these "gems" should remain hidden.
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Apr 27, 2017
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A lot of remasters at above average sale price and any game worth pointing out I think has been on PS+ games. Only one that sticks out is Tricky Towers (a PS+ free game a couple years ago) reasonably priced with console tax mark-up if you are looking for cheap party games.
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Jul 14, 2014
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A lot of these aren't actually gems. A lot of indy games, some we've never heard about, some we've forgotten about.
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Feb 2, 2017
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TBH some of them seem overpriced and poor value for indie.

But there's actually a decent one, it's called "Hard Reset"
Feb 22, 2010
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nicolascon wrote: Yeah it is good co-op game but it is included with EA access which is 4.99 a month or 29.99 a year

It isn't a super long game so I'd say you be able to beat it in a month. Not a game I would play more than once

Do both need EA to play?

Because if you buy it, only one player needs to pay. So, 9.99$ split in 2. :)
Feb 22, 2010
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The Messenger is a hot deal.

One of the great Metroidvania out there.