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Sony Recalls: 3 Popular SD Cards Can Corrupt Your Footage

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  • Jun 16th, 2020 12:15 pm
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Sony Recalls: 3 Popular SD Cards Can Corrupt Your Footage

Four days ago, Sony quietly issued a product advisory for three of its SD card product lines that could potentially corrupt your video footage when used. The company will replace these cards for free if your serial number is affected.

The notice—first spotted by Dan Carr over at Shuttermuse—refers to three affected products: The regular SF-M cards, the TOUGH SF-M series, and the TOUGH SF-G series. According to the notice, “data on [these cards] may be damaged or data may not be recorded correctly when shooting video on a camera in [the advertised V60/V90] video speed class mode.”

Sony doesn’t offer any further details about the issue with these cards, except to say that they’ll be offering free replacements from June 11th, 2020 through March 31st, 2022, “subject to the limited warranty that accompanied the SD memory card.” ... 1iwKczX7JA
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Thanks for sharing the article OP!

Fortunately for me, my SF-G Series card is not affected. I can't image how long it'll take for a return-and-replace with the slow shipping time of almost all shipping companies these days.