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The Source scratch and dent Fire HD 10 tablet (model year not clearly disclosed)

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  • Jul 3rd, 2020 4:38 pm
Jul 1, 2020
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The Source scratch and dent Fire HD 10 tablet (model year not clearly disclosed)

I don't know if anyone else bought a scratch and dent Fire HD 10 tablet from the source. I bought it thinking it was the newer 2019 9th generation version but it was actually the 7th generation 2017 version. They did not state in the title that it was the 7th gen 2017 version. I should have read the specs and compared with the newer 2019 version because it did show the 7th generation specs on the web page. I sent them a nasty e-mail thinking they did false advertising. The original price they show for the scratch and dent tablet does show 199 dollars and that its 60 dollars off since its scratch and dent. But the original list price for the newer 9th gen Fire HD tablet is also 199 dollars. Since the 2017 Fire HD tablet is older and slower he the 2019 version shouldn't the original tablet's price be lower then 199 dollars? It's like they're tricking people into thinking they are getting a 2019 9th gen tablet since they're showing the original price as 199 and that its a good deal by not writing 7th gen 2017 Fire HD tablet and making it more clearer or am I over reacting? ... /108088006
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I don't follow it that much but I have noticed with The Source they always put the original price the product came to market. Leading you to believe the discount you are getting is great.
I've seen this practice with other products, retailers and dealers - not limited to electronic. You have to read the fine prints.
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Misleading or just marketing?

They aren't actually hiding any facts. The fact is you didn't look carefully at what you are buying. The source generally has the SKU number of what you are buying on their webpage (same with BB, Staples, etc) so you can actually use that to reverse lookup what exactly you are buying. Its really not their fault you didn't check. You even said the specs were listed in the listing so again its not their fault but your own.